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10 Best Sniper Games That TRULY TEST Your Sniping Skills

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Let’s talk about sniping in video games. We’re giving our picks for not the most realistic, but the most fun and challenging.
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  1. If csgo is there , valorant should also be there.

  2. I bought wildlands at the start and I never had any problems, great game all around

  3. truly test your sniping skills: PS4 multiplayer, Sniper Elite V2 remastered. Play wuzznt-me, the #1 ranked sniper in that series for 10 years. Find out why the entire planet is grown men crybabies.

  4. I never get to fell the true power of snipers like awm because as soon as a peek from the windows a fucking player with m416 lasers me I mean I got no chance.

  5. Ghost recon breakpoint xbox one 🙃🤣😃
    Ghost recon wild land 🤮🥶🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱😿🖕

  6. I mean… SGW Contracts and Contracts 2 were pretty good. It definitely beat SGW 3, by giving you a big open map to explore but not an open world game that you don’t explore. SGW Contracts and Contracts 2 throw you in a big open area and gives you five missions to do in each. In all honesty SGW Contracts and Contracts 2 bring the series in a better light.

  7. In ghost recon I honestly don’t ever care about snipers.
    In ghost recon I always go guns blazing

  8. I'm intrigued how Sniper Elite 3 is your fave guys, I found it to have the worst level design of the entire series! Very linear and nowhere bear as fun as SE 2 or 4

  9. My friend and I beat the first sniper elite on the hardest difficulty for Xbox

  10. Couldn't snipe much at all in BF1. The way enemy's spot you even if they didn't see you directly is a bummer

  11. Can’t I find a sniper game that you need to consider your position & altitude, wind speed & direction, and bullet drop

  12. I was thinking about St. Petersburg Stakeout before the the video even started

  13. You had more franchises in this list than individual games

  14. Hahaha, fortnite? Serious? Shoot one round, build a skyscraper. Shit fucking game

  15. Haha, SGW series is on number 9 despite being one of the best while rating Battlefield higher. Dissapointing.

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