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10 Shooter Games With OVER THE TOP ACTION

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First and third-person shooter games often have stylish shootouts. We wanted to highlight some fun games here.
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  1. I would've put Wolfenstein 2 as well, and Ghostrunner. Overall a good list tho

  2. Dying light i play it its the best

  3. Serious Sam series
    Half Life 2 & Black Mesa
    Call of Duty modern warfare and black ops series

  4. Watch Uberstrike game. Check PX gaming channel on YT. It's very fast paced game.

  5. What about the darkness games? With the deamon arms like i think that series is worthy

  6. Lmao I was looking on steam and saw superhot as soon as u mentioned it

  7. FEAR one of the most underrated games ever, deserves a remaster. A masterpiece.

  8. The game fear i thought it was a mobile game graphics

  9. Bro, I remener playing Rage on my XBox 360, and it was the coolest shit ever

  10. Whu didn't he tell the names of the games?

  11. KARLSON is also really good action and and parkour game made by one person (on youtube dani)

  12. Something is seriously wrong with me, I don't like zombie games/movies😶😶 I really want to like them I just don't.

  13. Never liked the fact that rockstar made max Payne 3 ….the game was good but max Payne always blooms with the remedy touch

  14. The sliding is exactly what I hate haha.
    No matter how I love it, I imagine I'd have really liked Titanfall.

  15. If Doom WASN'T on this list, I honestly would've disliked it.

  16. I really liked that car chase scene in Advanced Warfare.

  17. True action combat and Arena style games are the future of MOBA MMORPG genre. Conquest aka DOTA map (one of 100000000 custom made maps from Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 era of custom games) that most current MOBA use is 20-year-old idea/map at this point…people get bored of it…that is why LoL is not doing that good beside the fact they have Tencent support. we have tab target games like FFXIV, hybrid action combat games GW2 and true action combat like Smite and the Kings Avatar animation. I suggest watching the King's Avatar animation from Tencent. the future of MMORPG/MOBAs.

  18. I'm just surprised just cause wasn't mentioned at all

  19. Bulletstorm is on the list instead of Gears? Wow. That game had one gimmick. In Gears, you can grab people as shields, do various executions, shoot people's heads off, stick grenades on enemies and kick them at their teammates.

  20. Was just playing doom eternal and was expecting it to be in this list but holy cow its 1st…

  21. He Is Saying Maxpayen 3 At Number Nine But Showing Maxpayen 2 At The Screen

  22. I hope some day they decided to make super hot with textures…<3

  23. This one is focused on first/third person gun games mostly. We'll make another one about melee/swords/etc. Let us know what you think we should include!

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