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5 quick tips to improve your aim at any FPS

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Watch these 5 MUST-KNOW tips from BBKDRAGOON if you want a good aim in any FPS or Battle Royale whether CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite or Apex Legends.
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🎙This guide was created by BBKDRAGOON:

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⏩ 1. Don’t panic! 0:14
⏩ 2. Be careful when sprinting 1:41
⏩ 3. Positioning is key 3:02
⏩ 4. Don’t attack in a straight line 4:18
⏩ 5. Keep crosshair at head height 5:09

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  1. Even When I trained my aim for 5 years, yet I still don't see the difference. Even my movement I trained them for so many years.

    I still die.

  2. Who else aims literally every where but the target

  3. Play superhot non vr. Trust me. And watch handler.

  4. Omg u actually helped me,especially the not panic part and not sprinting

  5. I played a Roblox FPS game(Recoil beta)coz I have a potato laptop.
    In that I am very bad at using automatic to semi automatic weapons.
    I got only 1-7 kills per game.
    But when I used sniper, I got nearly 15-25 kills

  6. the only thing making me aim bad is
    the unbalanced weapons, heres what i meant
    i was once playing with a pro with a gun that can insta kill almost everything, meanwhile i get destroyed by him

  7. I'm here, because someone said: "Git gut"
    After i cussed his entire family tree out

  8. title – "tips to improve your aim"
    Content – "Don't sprint because then you can't even shoot!" "When you die, come from a different direction!" "Don't run straight into oncoming fire"

    You….do know that none of those points have anything to do with your aim right?

  9. who tf ads's tho
    just hipfire them unless they are actually far away

  10. Meh. Nothing works. I’m a good healer but I hate it cause I feel like such a stereotype. Like “yeah girls only heal”. I have tried damages and flanks but they just never work I feel like it takes me 12 shots to kill someone and they kill me with 3. Everyone’s always better than me and I hate it. I love video games but only seem to be good at strategy or platformers. It just takes a talent that I don’t have and it’s so unfair.

  11. Dear God,

    I know I’m a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe Jesus Christ is Your Son. I believe that He died for my sin and that you raised Him to life. I want to trust Him as my Savior and follow Him as Lord, from this day forward. Guide my life and help me to do your will. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  12. Playing slow is alright as far as our teammates feel the same.

  13. 1. keep calm, cool &
    level headed
    don't panic & flail
    Play at your own pace
    Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

    Practicing would eventually lead to better, faster performance

    When I play faster than I'm more capable of. My overall performance (like aim, movement, decision making, etc.) would fall apart when pressured

    Experience comes from practicing doing decisions. Particularly the right ones. Even when they're not correct, follow through and get it over & done with

    Make sure to be able to do basic stuff to start of with.
    Like easy shots, rotating

  14. The very first fact literally killed me because it hits absolutely hard to me… 🤣😭😭

  15. 3:39 Here we see thw magnificent kangaroo Spartan . . . Wait wha

  16. Buy yourself a higher end headphones and you're good to go with real panic comes with feet sound of ct team approaching.

  17. I do most of these yet still is garbage 😕

  18. This was really good, allot of this I learned over many years time, before it was even talked about.

  19. I use to suck at online shooting games but now I really improved thx for the vid.

  20. And don't forget, every once in a while the game devs will spy on you and make all your bullets 10x weaker so that it takes longer than normal to kill an enemy. This is their way of punishing you for not buying micro transactions.

  21. “Don’t sprint around corners”

    Titanfall 2 players: “you dare suggest I’m on the ground in the first place?”

  22. i have one question do i need mouse pad? because mostly people use them and i'm poor to buy one

  23. 3:39 what game is that? btw nice video! i found it very helpful c: thank you for making it!!

  24. Thanks i.was bad now im good thanks mate thank you so much

  25. Thanks dude. Just getting into BF1 atm, and this really helps. "A gun down is a missed opportunity." Fantastic advice.

  26. Thanks for the tips it really working 🙂

  27. Thanks for putting timestamps in the description. Youtubers should learn from you.

    That way I can turn a 30 minute video into a 4 minute one.

  28. I play shellshockers and the crosshairs move alot, only problem for me is waiting on the crosshairs lmao

  29. i was good at fps as a kid now i'm 23 my reflex are so slow. Lol i was owning kids playing 1.6 source now i have the aim of a potato and a reaction of a 90 year old man. I quit fps to play MOBA which i'm really good at but my younger cousins playing valorant aims better than me and i'm bitter about it ..

  30. Surely you'd have to be pretty advanced to take advantage of a handful of animation frames round a corner lol

  31. I started panicking when I first got into a match and ended up killing all my enemies :/ and I got an MVP. I started shooting like crazy and sometimes even ended up killing myself by a grenade.Yeah not all players lose focus

  32. If you're still panicking, Try playing your games with Music on!

  33. 3:06 i never realized till now that i used to do this and havent in a LONG long time now n days i i respawn and just start thinking where do i wanna go not even focused on the fight that just happened. but i do remember bolting it all the time back to where i died to just die again lmaoo

  34. My aim got extinct billions of years before the dinosaurs

  35. Was listening to this when i started a match on apex. Only two of us in a squad and we won the game, I used a wattson with sentinel and shotgun. 1936 damage. I calmed down and stopped sprinting. Landed on a hotspot got through gunfights and won, great advice right here.

  36. My god, I hate how I accurate this showed what I was doing wrong, thanks for the video!

  37. BBKDRAGOON made a video two years before this and they completely ripors it of, copied all the points and even whole phrases. Screw you.

  38. I tend to shoot around their head and miss loll

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