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5 quick tips to improve your aim at any FPS

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Watch these 5 MUST-KNOW tips from BBKDRAGOON if you want a good aim in any FPS or Battle Royale whether CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite or Apex Legends.
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🎙This guide was created by BBKDRAGOON:

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⏩ 1. Don’t panic! 0:14
⏩ 2. Be careful when sprinting 1:41
⏩ 3. Positioning is key 3:02
⏩ 4. Don’t attack in a straight line 4:18
⏩ 5. Keep crosshair at head height 5:09

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  1. I tend to shoot around their head and miss loll

  2. BBKDRAGOON made a video two years before this and they completely ripors it of, copied all the points and even whole phrases. Screw you.

  3. My god, I hate how I accurate this showed what I was doing wrong, thanks for the video!

  4. Was listening to this when i started a match on apex. Only two of us in a squad and we won the game, I used a wattson with sentinel and shotgun. 1936 damage. I calmed down and stopped sprinting. Landed on a hotspot got through gunfights and won, great advice right here.

  5. My aim got extinct billions of years before the dinosaurs

  6. 3:06 i never realized till now that i used to do this and havent in a LONG long time now n days i i respawn and just start thinking where do i wanna go not even focused on the fight that just happened. but i do remember bolting it all the time back to where i died to just die again lmaoo

  7. If you're still panicking, Try playing your games with Music on!

  8. I started panicking when I first got into a match and ended up killing all my enemies :/ and I got an MVP. I started shooting like crazy and sometimes even ended up killing myself by a grenade.Yeah not all players lose focus

  9. Surely you'd have to be pretty advanced to take advantage of a handful of animation frames round a corner lol

  10. i was good at fps as a kid now i'm 23 my reflex are so slow. Lol i was owning kids playing 1.6 source now i have the aim of a potato and a reaction of a 90 year old man. I quit fps to play MOBA which i'm really good at but my younger cousins playing valorant aims better than me and i'm bitter about it ..

  11. I play shellshockers and the crosshairs move alot, only problem for me is waiting on the crosshairs lmao

  12. Thanks for putting timestamps in the description. Youtubers should learn from you.

    That way I can turn a 30 minute video into a 4 minute one.

  13. Thanks for the tips it really working 🙂

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