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a FREE new first person shooter game..

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XDefiant is a new free to play FPS from Ubisoft.. exciting? Or just a COD copy?
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  1. Looks like there gonna try and compete with cod lol

  2. If it comes with an ANTI-CHEAT then this game will be the best FPS release this year.

  3. I hope it will not be a full arcade shooter!

  4. You need to checkout SPLITGATE its a new free 2 play fps on console and its crossplay and awesome

  5. Man I just want Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms back

  6. Free to Play, Call of Duty gunplay and modern weaponry could definitely create a lot of interest. It doesn't have to do anything innovative or new, I hope it pulls of a feeling and gameplay as good as Call of Duty so it can actually be competition against the lackluster crap Activision has been giving us oldschool fans for 6v6.

  7. OK so this is in the spiral of Tom Clancy games that aren’t like the tactical shooters that they used to be played fun game I really hope that they have some labs in there factions from siege like my team six also I asked for this game is to love have a forWeapons

  8. Hyper scape came out and that flopped I really think Ubi are only good at making single player games but when something works they reskin and sell you sheep in wolves clothing.Imo They are the worst company for servers stability in online games pvp."you got high ping of 150" ubi "sure aslong as you buy the game we wont kick you from the match! ".


  10. Even YouTube recognize this game as CoD MW 2019 😁

  11. We miss tmartn playing shooters like cod and battlefield

  12. Yea but aiming using the analog stick is always so stiff and delayed

  13. Yo that’s somehow a mix of Division and Ghost Recon Phantoms style.

  14. Looks like the work environnement is better than activision’s.

  15. If its pvp I am not ever playing the game. I suck at pvp.

  16. Play as Sam Fisher in the Echelon faction in a FPS. Please, just dont do this.

  17. They are doing Tom Clancy dirty slapping his name on their new titles I respect that they are somewhat trying but I have a feeling this is gonna flop just like hyperscape

  18. I might give it a try but I don’t think this will overcome call of duty I know it was in spired but idk?

  19. so theres this great website i heard about…

  20. This is gonna be a big hit for pvp division players!! I’m excited!!

  21. Realistic ?

    They never shot a gun before did they ?

  22. When it coming out August 1 or August 25th pls ??

  23. Not a hater but the graphics looks like a mobile game

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