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a FREE new first person shooter game..

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XDefiant is a new free to play FPS from Ubisoft.. exciting? Or just a COD copy?
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  1. War face cross titan fall cross cod cross rainbow

  2. Not a hater but the graphics looks like a mobile game

  3. When it coming out August 1 or August 25th pls ??

  4. Realistic ?

    They never shot a gun before did they ?

  5. This is gonna be a big hit for pvp division players!! I’m excited!!

  6. so theres this great website i heard about…

  7. I might give it a try but I don’t think this will overcome call of duty I know it was in spired but idk?

  8. They are doing Tom Clancy dirty slapping his name on their new titles I respect that they are somewhat trying but I have a feeling this is gonna flop just like hyperscape

  9. Play as Sam Fisher in the Echelon faction in a FPS. Please, just dont do this.

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