AWESOME First Person Shooters Games 2018 -

AWESOME First Person Shooters Games 2018

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Insurgency Sandstorm, Scorn, Dead Island 2, The Walking Dead Game, Witchfire and Metro Exodus !!
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AWESOME First Person Shooters Games 2018

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  1. Question for all the morons out there that love their guns, if you wouldn’t give it to a five-year-old or a 12-year-old, why do you give it to yourself? If this is an inappropriate for children, then why does this even exist? What is the fascination of shooting people? Hey, Keanu Reeves you fucking idiot. You know you’ll never be Wolverine. He didn’t believe in guns. So we will keep Hugh Jackman as wolverine. You’ve been judged. 🖕🏻. Guns are cheating. #endviolence. #guncontrol

    “why do you need a gun, in space?” Give me a bow, a sword, some throwing knives and some fighting skills. Cardio and a brain.

    You gun tooters are violent loving.

  2. had to put 28 weeks later theme song on metro trailer lol

  3. Dont you know that this is vice city map

  4. ( 1:24 )
    My bro: c’mon, win the game! The last team isn’t that powerful!
    The last team:

  5. Best games that I never seen ya!!😰😨😱😰

  6. Bruh children these days still play shooter games I seen a five year old playing dead trigger 2 and I try my best for my nephew to not play those because child's that play fps games should be at. Least 9+ year old and Fortnite is very popular

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