Boneworks - Next Gen VR Gameplay! -

Boneworks – Next Gen VR Gameplay!

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  1. Wait, these guys are the creators of bone works ??????

  2. They need to add the balloon mag as an unlock able thing

  3. getting boneworks as my first VR game was a mistake

    Because now I hold every other game to the same standard, and they dont live up.

  4. I just love the way guy was talking seriously while the other one was playing with ball xD

  5. Wish it came to oculus store for us non link users😢

  6. so basically this one idea became the best game of the century, i swear if we don't get sl0 project 4 ads on tv i'm gonna lose it

  7. Can these guys PLEASE make a new game using the same tech, that is actually in an interesting world + story? Boneworks is great, and its STILL the most awesome innovative VR experience, but man… it feels like one big tech demo and that gets old quickly. I want some like, Tarkov shit with this level of detail. PLEASE. VR NEEDS YOU.

  8. Dang dude 2 years and still a great game lol

  9. Boneworks, the only game where you're encouraged to shoot yourself in the head

  10. This game definitely lived up to the hype

  11. I remember, i saw this video and i wanted a vr headset soooo bad.

    I finished the game 16 times

  12. What’s the song playing after his intro at the beginning?

  13. Those arms are similar to the ones in Project 4

  14. It is a next gen game but your mic is awful

  15. and then they cocked it up with a bunch of climbing puzzles

  16. can someone gift me this? Steam is Xialongbao

  17. The valve vr is 1300$ plus tax. Plus you need a vr ready pc that's another 1500$.minimum. plus internet plus the games. Go fk yourselves. Fkn weetards.

  18. VR games are still at Atari level lolol.

  19. "you need to make a climbing part" "oh don't you worry" THE END HAS THE BIGGEST LADDER I HAVE EVER SEEN

  20. Can an rtx 2060 run this game good with max graphics or do i need to lower it a bit

  21. I'm still sad we didn't get an orange revolver.

  22. My PCs gonna have a stroke trying to run this

  23. It’s crazy to think bone Works came out to years ago

  24. i see somebody through a crack in the wall and hes pointing stuff at me HES COMING CLOS-

  25. "You have to make a climbing part"
    Me: Remembers the end of the story mode and the struggle

  26. What’s a good pc to purchase with a VR headset my budget is $2,000 on the PC

  27. The fact that this was 2 years ago Is kinda scary

  28. I need to know when project 4 comes out

  29. as soon as i saw this i went and bought the game

  30. You guys made one of the defining games for VR

  31. what he said about having to show triple a companys that a full physics game would work is true. Boneworks changed the vr industry.

  32. 8:03 "Dude you gotta do a climbing part"
    "oh don't you worry."
    i love that foreshadowing

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