Bottle Shooting Game Gameplay Trailer (iOS & Android) | Level 1-25 Walkthrough -

Bottle Shooting Game Gameplay Trailer (iOS & Android) | Level 1-25 Walkthrough

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Knockdown bottles with great fun using catapult and test your slingshot skills.

Looking for a bottle shooting game? Then Catapult Game is the ultimate bottle shooting game, you are looking for.

Play Catapult Game, a fun and addictive bottle shoot slingshot game that will provide you with hours of fun! Knock down to Earth colorful bottles in order to break them, challenge your skills and progress in multiple levels! Your new favorite bottle shoot & bottle breaking game!

With this easy to play and fun bottle breaker catapult game, you will have endless fun testing your slingshot skills! Have fun playing and breaking all the bottles using angry ball in front of you!

Our Catapult game offers different challenging levels for you to test your slingshot skills. You get to challenge yourself in 36 levels. In each level of this bottle game, you need to use your logic in order to knock down all the bottles and you get to progress in another even more challenging levels if you succeed to break all the bottles in that level. As you progress in this game, the game play becomes more and more challenging, giving you the chance to become the ultimate player.

Game has 3 beautiful worlds Forest, Dessert & Snow with different weather themes.

✔️Simple & fun to play
✔️Offline Mode: Play anywhere anytime! You don’t need an internet connection.
✔️Suitable for all ages
✔️Colorful design & cool sound effects
✔️Knock the bottles down to break them
✔️60 challenging levels
✔️Test your slingshot skills
✔️FREE GAMES to play
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Knock the bottles and break them, test your slingshot skills in multiple levels, and win the highest scores!
Become the ultimate player of this bottle shoot game, download it today for FREE!


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  3. Eres bien malo duraste mucho para tumbar las botellas del minuto 7:35

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