Fans at Washington Nationals game take cover after shooting reported outside stadium -

Fans at Washington Nationals game take cover after shooting reported outside stadium

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A game between the San Diego Padres and the Washington Nationals was suspended in the sixth inning on Saturday night after gunfire rang out outside Nationals Park.

The gunfire could be heard inside the stadium prompting some fans to duck for cover as an announcement asked fans to stay inside the stadium.

The shooting reportedly took place between two vehicles and police said three people were injured in the incident.

“I just want to assure the public that at no time during this incident were individuals inside the stadium attending the game in any type of danger. This was not an active shooter incident and is not being investigated as such. Everything took place outside the stadium,” Executive Assistant Chief of Police Ashan Benedict of the Metropolitan police department said during a briefing.

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  1. I get it they are scared but if they are saying it’s outside why are they still running OUTSIDE

  2. Funny how the shooting happened OUTSIDE the stadium but the media only shows the white folks running for cover INSIDE the stadium.

    “Those damn white supremacists in D.C. killing black folks again” narrative strikes again……..

  3. Idk about you but I’d feel A LOT SAFER if about 25% of the people in that building had open carry permits. Just saying

  4. I mean everyone saying they announcer is saying the threat is outside and everyone stay in your seats and thats stupid that They're getting up.. I'm gonna be honest I'm not staying in my seat because if they do get in there because obviously they're already pretty close if it's that loud guess what?? You're pretty much a sitting duck.. I want to get outside or closer to outside to get a vantage point so I can see where I need be too to get my family safe. I'm not playing with my families life out here anymore. You hear gunshots in a crowded or suburban area u have to realize where the shots are coming from and get to a spot where u can see and judge what's happening and where to go to remain safe . U bunker down and they get on to top you you will lose ppl. That's not happening to me or mine

  5. Not only are most people at a baseball game stupid, but the ones shown here are also ugly as heck too

  6. People were just dying to go to the game. As opposed to dying of boredom inside the stadium.

  7. This is shocking!! I had no idea people were still going to baseball games.

    IS a National PROBLEM!!!

    NOT guns!

  9. "The Killer is Outside stay in your seat if you want to live"

    Baseball type people: "we need to go outside asap"

  10. The faces of fear bring me the sense of relief. Scurrying like roaches. Probably the white supremacists again. Gun free zones are criminal targets not safe places.

  11. The guy who is responsible for your safety last name is fear damn

  12. D.C…..isn't that where earlier this summer two teenage BLM girls carjacked some Uber driver & dragged him for blocks until they flipped the car and killed the guy? Then the girl was more worried about her cell phone got damaged than she was the man she killed.. Maybe they should move black to Montreal?

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