FIRST LOOK CrossfireX | Brand New Shooter Coming In 2020 To Xbox One -

FIRST LOOK CrossfireX | Brand New Shooter Coming In 2020 To Xbox One

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Take a look at the brand new CrossfireX coming to Xbox One in 2020. Could it be the best shooter of 2020? Let us know!

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  1. "I just got destroyed"
    In the previous clip he doesn't move his fingers, clearly showing that he's not playing.


  2. Never even heard of this game lol did it turn out to be pretty good?

  3. Bro it’s already 2021 and the game is not in the stores yet???

  4. Disliked this 7 minute conversation with a gameplay trailer at the end. I don't care how they captured this and that, I care about the gameplay.

  5. These fuckers straight up copied counter strike 1.6. Hopefully the new Crossfire will be good.

  6. what was that
    its a meme
    or not
    i hate xbox

  7. He said(Nico) "If you like battle royal games like I do, we got one of those" This could be sick if it's done right!

  8. I would have liked more info about the game this is far too reminiscent of a food network special

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