Gun - FULL GAME - Walkthrough - No Commentary -

Gun – FULL GAME – Walkthrough – No Commentary

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  1. Never realized how many actors were in this. Thomas Jane, lance henriksen, brad dorif, tom skerritt, ron pearlman , kris kristofferson…….thats one hell of a voice cast. Must've cost a fortune. No wonder i remember the story being so amazing

  2. I never played this one back then. Guess i'll watch this playthrough 🙂

  3. I used to beg my brother to let me play this back when I was like 4. Simpler times

  4. Rdr amazing as Hell but this is the Best. My Favorite wester game ever

  5. Hmm seems like I missed out when this first came out. How sad

  6. This game was so good played it before I got into red dead. Really was the original open world western. We had it good back then lol

  7. I always hated when it came to the part where Jenny dies

  8. Как же это было офигенно

  9. I Used to play this game when I was 4 or something And I still remember me saying "WOW IT LOOKS SO REAL!" While playing that game in those days

  10. Back when you just put the disc in your ps2xbox and play… No install that takes hours…No such thing as DLC…Always hitting up the internet in hope youd find cheat codes for games, borrowing games from friends, renting games for 7 days from block bustermovie gallery or a small corner video store or gas station

  11. “There once was a dodge city maid…”
    That song is ingrained into my mind I played this so much as a kid.

  12. “Press the SPRINT button to run your HORSE!” -early 2000’s emersion breakers

  13. Effort to kill Hollister 🙂 seems ezy now..but those days

  14. God i remember this game looking so good back then. Man have games come so far. I played this game so much back then I could recite every word said from beginning to end.

  15. Before Red Dead Redemption. This is the very western game for PlayStation 2 !
    Suck Red Dead Revolver !

  16. What the fuck there's was treasure up there

  17. I’m gen z but I was blessed to have experienced and enjoyed great games like these

  18. Вот бы вторую часть этой игры…

  19. This was fun back in the day having that portable cannon gun was fun blowing up towns folk

  20. أحلئ ايام زمان جنت العبه 😥😥😥

  21. The OG cowboy video game before Red Dead Redempton existed…

  22. Old games make me feel like I'm playing with action figures…new games just make me feel like I'm watching a movie.

  23. Red Dead Redemption 2 – До Того Как Стала Известной

  24. I love how simple this game is. Point, shoot, story, point, shoot, story. Even the name is simple….GUN. PERFECT!!

  25. I couldn’t afford to play red dead because of xbox – I could only play this on pc as my red dead.

  26. This game can be the best alternative choice instead of RDR if your PC/laptop has 'potato' specs.

  27. I used to watch my dad play this game all the time and I used to play rdr1 all the time before getting to play rdr2

  28. This was definitely the blueprint for the Red Dead Redemption franchise. But Rockstar took it to a whole new level. It's a shame it didn't get much love at the time to warrant a sequel it was SO good.

  29. I played this game all day and when I was on the last mission, my PS2 crashed. BTW this game is awesome

  30. Just glad to be a fresh comment and seeing im not the only ones ne with nostalgia

  31. Played this as a kid and I didn't remember all of it well, my dad left me have the game

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