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[Gungeon] Every Winchester shooting game aced

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Flawlessly clearing every layout of the Winchester shooting game without the help of any items. There are 15 layouts in total (of which 5 were added with AG&D). I also included my personal difficulty ratings for them all.
If you’re wondering how long it took me to find them all, I spent about 5 hours checking ~150 floors total. With the help of a few mods, namely Magic Smoke, Rocketmod and the Gungeon seed mod it wasn’t very hard, just repetitive.
The skin you see me use in the video is one I made myself. Just a simple colorswap though.
Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Reupload because the first version of the video was recorded in 30 fps accidentally
    Edit: Fuck, some of the text seems to have been moved. Not gonna reupload the whole thing again just for that though

  2. Thanks sir, without your help I wouldn't have gotten that achievement

  3. Cannot even begin to express how much this helped me, from the bottom of a broken broken BROKEN gungeoner's heart…. thank you. I finally have my platinum trophy

  4. So if you have "Heart of Ice" passive item (you shoot out a lot of ice particles around you when you get hurt), would dropping into the pit on purpose possibly win the game all at once (potentially)?

  5. Whats the song that starts with drums that is after this sometimes?

  6. I got wax wings and still managed to mess up. I swear the real game is easier to complete than Winchester's game.

  7. any advice on getting him more often (i know this is old,but i need this for the platinum trophy)

  8. Ok this is unfair, i didnt knew that the gungeon wamms also made the bullet bounce.

  9. This thing is so hard on a controller, I think it is much easier with a mouse and keyboard

    If I only could connect a mouse to my ps5…………

  10. You definitely have this to a science 😂

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