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[Gungeon] Every Winchester shooting game aced

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Flawlessly clearing every layout of the Winchester shooting game without the help of any items. There are 15 layouts in total (of which 5 were added with AG&D). I also included my personal difficulty ratings for them all.
If you’re wondering how long it took me to find them all, I spent about 5 hours checking ~150 floors total. With the help of a few mods, namely Magic Smoke, Rocketmod and the Gungeon seed mod it wasn’t very hard, just repetitive.
The skin you see me use in the video is one I made myself. Just a simple colorswap though.
Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Do bullets effect these bullets? Aka Remote bullets, heavy? Actually if you do have Heavy and Remote and it Does work it's a GG combo, do you have to get all in 1 run? All in many runs? 1 face at a time? Like say i shoot 1 face and miss the rest would for that style of this minigame remember that face? Or would it forget and I'd have to start all over for the 7 clover item?

  2. If u still cant beat winchester's games after this, i suggest practicing the Resourceful rat fight and be good at punch out so you will always have the Half Eaten Cheese every run.

    For me winchester loves to spawn at chamber 4 so whenever i see him, i activate Half eaten cheese then i can go shoot the targets at point blank lol.

    Flight stuff is good but theyre rng atleast with R.R stuff they are "skill based." so yea with the cheese its free S items for me at chamber 4 (most of the time)

  3. This is the person who won every prize from the shooting game stalls in a carnival

  4. One time I got a rainbow chest from only getting 2/4

  5. I have 400+ hours on this game and even I had no idea how to perfect clear some of these, thank you

  6. me driving crazy at the end of the video because of the music : NO IT'S GONNA START, IT'S GONNA STAAAAAART !!!

  7. While it's impressive the ratings are worthless

  8. Now do every version in one shot with scatter shot

  9. Joycon drifting killed this minigame for me lol

  10. Who needs skill if you just get homing bullets?

  11. I haven't even seen half of these

  12. everyone : try to perfectly time there bullet to get the targets
    me and everybody with wings : pathetic

  13. Pro tip:Get a ruler
    Use any passive grant flight

  14. literally have only found about 3 of these rooms in 100 hours of playing.

  15. Winchester: Claim your prize, deadeye. Me who just pulled out a jetpack and punched all the targets: ok

  16. Dude, I've been trying my absolute best to unlock the 7 leaf clover, I'm like one win left and everytime there's always one missed and I want to scream

  17. I'm gonna try doing every game but BACKWARDS with backup gun. Wish me luck
    Edit: only finished one of them, I put a video up as proof

  18. THANKS SO MUCH DUDE. Finally got the seven leaf clover because of your guide. Took me so dang long to get that last item I needed for the Ammonomicon.

  19. You definitely have this to a science 😂

  20. This thing is so hard on a controller, I think it is much easier with a mouse and keyboard

    If I only could connect a mouse to my ps5…………

  21. Ok this is unfair, i didnt knew that the gungeon wamms also made the bullet bounce.

  22. any advice on getting him more often (i know this is old,but i need this for the platinum trophy)

  23. I got wax wings and still managed to mess up. I swear the real game is easier to complete than Winchester's game.

  24. Whats the song that starts with drums that is after this sometimes?

  25. So if you have "Heart of Ice" passive item (you shoot out a lot of ice particles around you when you get hurt), would dropping into the pit on purpose possibly win the game all at once (potentially)?

  26. Cannot even begin to express how much this helped me, from the bottom of a broken broken BROKEN gungeoner's heart…. thank you. I finally have my platinum trophy

  27. Thanks sir, without your help I wouldn't have gotten that achievement

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