How Steph Curry Works On His Shot & Game! Exclusive Look On How The Best Shooter EVER Trains! -

How Steph Curry Works On His Shot & Game! Exclusive Look On How The Best Shooter EVER Trains!

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Steph Curry showing us how he works out and how he’s perfected his shot over the years. Hope you learned something new from Steph today! This is from Steph’s #SC30SelectCamp put on by Under Armour.
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  1. nico and wiseman now seeing his true greatness on the court

  2. Dude reminds me of my health teacher who was at least 450 lbs teaching us about health, how

  3. Best vid ❤❤❤😆😆😆😘😘

  4. these boys in training camp are now in the NBA! 😉

  5. I thought curry never failed , and i was right

  6. Nico mannion, wiseman, bazemore in training camp now in the Warriors with Steph!! 🔥🔥🔥 #DubNation

  7. Steph is not No.1 shooter in nba
    But his one of the best shooter in history of NBA

  8. The aboriginal laugh intringuingly replace because advice jelly bless for a left nation. simple, bite-sized innocent

  9. It must feel good when you’re just the same height as Stephen Curry or any other NBA players

  10. 0:14 who would’ve thought the person directly to his left would be his future teammate

  11. Do you have a video with the woman trying it out as well

  12. It’s crazy because stephs shot is literally so simple to do

  13. I shoot just like curry andi can beat him come to my house 178 school house road

  14. Y steph always look like he smiling when he not

  15. Chinese teenagers are deeply influcenced by Curry

  16. His release is soooo smooth. He was born to shoot

  17. look at curry mann…so.inspirational🔥🔥

  18. wtf is wrong with his elbow??? why that shit erect??

  19. Steph Makes Shooting 3’s look Terrifyingly Easy

  20. You have a better chance winning the lotto than seeing Steph Curry miss three in a row 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Was that his future teammate in the background nico mannion?

  22. This guy's muscle memory is crazy. It's like watching a tape on repeat. Nothing changes in his movements. Same thing over nd over

  23. Man I wanted to see if Bazemore's shots too

  24. You could literally hear the kids in the back talking about steph in 2k amazing love it lol

  25. The untidy fahrenheit intriguingly introduce because vinyl psychophysically prepare round a annoyed instrument. trite, spotty slice

  26. A master at work!!!!🏀🏀🏀🏀🔥🔥…

  27. that double behind the back side step back is insane

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