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IGN’s Top 10 FPS Games of All Time

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We count down the best of the best when it comes to first-person shooters.

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Multiplayer DOOM footage by :

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  2. if destiny isn't in the next top FPS games in the future i am sad

  3. I though it's gonna be about IGN's top games which you play on 10 FPS.

  4. Was really y expecting csgo or modern farware at the top. But still thanks for letting us know the truth <3.

  5. Here in 2020… what would yall change?

  6. Rise and shine freeman , Rise and shine
    -G man

  7. Despite TF2 not being #1 on this list, the ones above it I respect in their position.

  8. sorry man quake should definitely be number…

  9. Personally i wouldnt bash the list for inclusions that werent there as it always will have some of those out of the list (personally Duke 3d, Singularity, titanfall 2, You are empty,RTWC and Far cry 5 would be there if this was my list)

    But theres some weird choices

    For example quake 1 instead of Quake 2 thats vastly superior in every conceivable way Bf 1942 instead of Bf2 or Half life 1 instead of Hl2 or opposing force

    Those are really weird choices i think

  10. 007 Goldeneye: “Why have you forsaken me!?!?!?”

    That game is the soul of multi-screen (consol) multiplayer and its dismissal from this list is an insult to everything decent.

  11. i like how 4 valve games are in this list

  12. Top 10 games that run on 10 fps

  13. No wolfenstein, what a joke, it was the first one and the entire series is amazing

  14. halo is the greatest game of all time and should be number one

  15. u perfectly resume the best fps games of all times love the video

  16. Not even 25 sec and they have shown 3 valve games

  17. Half-life is actually number 1,2 because counter strike 1.6 is a half life mod

  18. doom (90s) , duke nukem, quake 2, medal of honor, killzone, resistance , far cry 1 , blood 1, half life , fear, bioshock, portal…

  19. Love how 4 of these are bye valve tf2, l4d2, half life and cs:go

  20. Is he playing doom with his feet or is it just me?

  21. My list (unordered)
    Rainbow six lockdown
    Far cry 3
    Crises 1
    Bioshock 1
    Call of duty modern warfare 3
    NOVA 3
    Halo 2
    Half life 2

  22. doom and quake but no duke nukem? Not going to follow this advice lol

  23. Alright let’s all say gaming wouldn’t be gaming without counter strike half life and doom quake and etc.

  24. Bhai all time favoutire fps game: RAINBOW SIX SIEGE. 😈😈😈😈

  25. CS will forever be the goat of fps games no cap

  26. Counter strike absolutely should be #3. Both Doom and Half-Life should be above it without question.

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