IN THE LAB Shooting Game! With Filayyyy, Austin Mills & The Splash Squad -

IN THE LAB Shooting Game! With Filayyyy, Austin Mills & The Splash Squad

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IN THE LAB’s Devin Williams competes with Filayyyy, Austin Mills & The Splash Squad in a basketball shooting game of SEVENS!

Devin Williams:
Austin Mills:
The Splash Squad:

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  1. bro y would u get a girl to participate in the shooting challengeGIRLS CANT play basketball u idiots

  2. It was so WINDY in there and my fingertips were sweating cuz the ball was deflated 0.1% too much and the oxygen levels in the gym were low due to global warming so the blood wasnt getting to my index finger and I stubbed my toe on the way in and that affected my fibula and fibula and my left lung collapsed so that's why I was missing shots

  3. Hey guys i have a lot respect for you ,but this challenge i dont think you can beat me lol ,have good day

  4. Little known fact … it's easier for a right-handed shooter to hit shots from the left-side of the court …

  5. How the fuck this girl get a job? I could shoot better at 10 no cap

  6. You are so good at basketball🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  7. When yo name the splash squad but u can’t hit a shot…

  8. It's hard to measure how high Devin gets on his shot.
    Zatometer or something.
    He still makes 3rs more than 90 percent of people will make free throws

  9. Dev actually so good he beat Austin in shooting, not to mention his speed and handles

  10. Did that girl shoot two uncontested air balls ? Has she picked up a basketball before this !

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