INSANE Oculus Quest 2 Gun Simulator | Hardcore STALKER Style VR Survival Game -

INSANE Oculus Quest 2 Gun Simulator | Hardcore STALKER Style VR Survival Game

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Today on BMF VR we are checking out an absolutely insane Oculus Quest 2 gun simulator, but it’s more than that it’s actually the early workings of a hardcore STALKER style VR survival game. You can find out more about Ab Aeterno here –
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  1. Am i the only one that doesn't know how to remove gun parts.

  2. While this looks awesome and i am looking greatly forward to it. there is also IntoTheRadiusVR and it also has these mechanics, just not as pretty. but hardcore fun and really awesome. i keep hearing streamers say they have never seen a stalker type game….that is what into the radius is….faithfully.

  3. "They want this game to be as realistic as posibble" ejects AK mag

  4. Lmao he looked at the AK and said noone wants it dirty/jamming, it takes literal skill to jam an AK.

  5. The mechanics of this game are amazing. Never seen some of these details before, especially not in VR. Game could be something special.

  6. This reminds me a lot of into the radius with the ammo boxes the tapes and the gun cleaning the only difference is that this game is way more polished it looks better and it runs better

  7. Lol who cleans an AK? no need, just shoot it, is not western spy ar-15

  8. For the record every time I see your videos pop up on my feed I think Black Mafia Family.. Free Big Meech.. dope video tho

  9. 11:52 That reminded me of Infiltration, a mod for the original Unreal back in 1998 that had ammo clips that could do the same if shot at.

    This game looks sick so far. This is how VR should be.

    BTW, it's pronounced like up eterno (with a soft p), basically means "ever since".

  10. Your headset is sideways and its reallllly bugging me lol 😆

  11. This is just “Into The Radius VR” with a fresh coat of paint.

  12. Hey, just some quick tips! When you're covering a game, and you can't pronounce the name, you should definitely put it on screen in the video, and absolutely put any game you cover in the title of the video, for ease of access

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