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Japanese Shoot ‘Em Ups – JonTron

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Jon looks at some of the weirder games that the Japanese Shoot ‘Em Up genre has to offer.

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Writer/Actor/Director – Jon Jafari

Writer/Cinematography/Co-Editor – Paul ‘Pop Smear’ Ritchey :

Title Cards + Intro – Michael Azzi :

JonTron Logo : Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of

Special Thanks to: Dominic Moschitti


  1. A whole 14:05 long video about shoot-em-ups, and yet he still did not say “shmup” once in the entire video

  2. The floating head like syncs up his mouth movement with Jon talking

  3. That last game looked like a Monty Python animation.

  4. Honestly surprised he didn’t mention touhou

  5. As soon as he did the 2001 bit I cried for laughter

  6. Coming back to these is like catching up with an old friend. Thanks Jon. You help me connect with friends that I can't connect with anymore.

  7. he mentioned flash…. rip in pepperonis, old friend.

  8. Can’t wait when zombie nation gets added to nes online on switch.


  10. I cant be the only one who rewatches Jontron videos every month.

  11. Touhou isnt mentioned once, yet the stage 3 theme from the 13th game is played at 0:54 weird

  12. >keio flying squadron

    Ok mr money bags i see how it is

  13. I think "Panorama Cotton" might mean "Tapestry." That loading or menu screen looked like a sampler or tapestry.

  14. At 5:50 when the intro starts I’m eating chips so not only is that loud but added to that is the inaudible dialogue that is scratching my ear drums so my level of not knowing wtf is happening was increased tenfold

  15. Still here rewatching all of Jontron’s videos after all these years

  16. The careful stranger spectroscopically correct because cross surgically plan between a slimy cello. lazy, colossal barber

  17. When did Terry Gilliam become a game developer?

  18. I would pay for a john tron side scrolling shooter with bird friends

  19. The last game is a Caitlyn jenner fever dream.

  20. I watched the whole video, and I'm disappointed there was no Twinkle Star Sprites here.

  21. Your gamer friend: "I been gaming 20 years bro, seen it ALL!"

    Japanese shoot 'em ups: "hold my controller"

  22. John send me to the room where I grow old an die.

  23. Is there any Japanese watching this like me? 😂

  24. 0:43 HOLY SHIT! It’s the boyfriend pillow! Little did he know, he was going to buy it 5 years later.

  25. Hello it is now the year 2021, 7 years later, where a sequel or remake of Samurai Zombie Nation is being teased by a company that just made a sequel to Panorama Cotton. Live sure does find a way doesn't it?

  26. I've played "Fantasy Zone"when I was 7 I still have nightmares 10 years later

  27. Cute ‘em up, Space harrier , Outrun gave me nightmares and jontron reminded me them thank u thank u of reminding me of yakuza 0🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  28. Him: Bad guys don’t go from left to right
    Me : Wait…So ur a good guy (+_+ )??

  29. Finally looked up Choaniki to see what it means and to try to get any more clues behind what that game is supposed to be about.

    It means "Super Brother".

    I came away with more questions than answers.

  30. ( sees artichoke game ) I'll take your entire stock

  31. I really wish Jon would come back to video games

  32. Japanese game developers had all their ideas in the 60’s apparently

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