Large-Scale Shooter Games that do Battlefield but BETTER! -

Large-Scale Shooter Games that do Battlefield but BETTER!

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  1. Would love to play squad on XSX, I know the amount of commands would make games like Squad and Arma3 difficult but I also think that in that case a secondary “controller” or mini keyboard device or a wheel system could be cool to allow the port to be easy.

  2. Hell Let Loose is anything but arcadey. You probably tried it by now though. 6:09

  3. Rising Storm 2 is about 3.59 or 4 USD on CDkeys right now, pick up a key for sure. If you want to directly support the developers, it is about 15 or 20 on Steam, keep in mind 30% of that will go to Steam/Valve. Either way, im pretty sure the developers gain regardless. They have just released their last major update and are working on the next game in the franchise. However, they still plan on keeping rising storm 2 alive and keeping official servers active.

  4. DREW ONE of these is available on Xbox AND ITS NOT A FPS ITS THIRD PERSON THIS WAS ZERO HELP!!!

  5. Gave a like simply from the corvette comment

  6. Woah, holdup a minute – that delay kills feet from Rising Storm is genius, it should be everywhere :O

  7. planetside 2 is old yeah but still looks great in my opinion

  8. I came looking for suggestions, but I already own every single game you mentioned (even the ones you mentioned in passing). I would also add the "Darkest Hour" mod for the original "Red Orchestra". It will always be the very best, and there's still a full server worth of players in most evenings.

  9. Ea turns things into sh!t. Mostly i played bf3 but i did like bf bad company n bf4 rest of them are out of the track. Cant care anymore .

  10. And only like two are console games. Suckssss

  11. Can't wait for SWBF on new frostbite engine 😉

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