Living with First-Person Shooter Disease -

Living with First-Person Shooter Disease

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Duke Nukem’s disease is a scary one, Gene brings you the story of the life of a First Person Shooter.


  1. The scientific name for it, moto-neural demyelination, just sounds like ALS

  2. He will go in to get glasses but realize it's just screen tear

  3. This video was made 2 years before Skyrim released… think about that

  4. Didn't knew IGN used to have vids like this

  5. Strange… he is waving his hand in a costant position..

  6. You’re all laughing but I’ve been experiencing this disease for 12 years now

  7. The most dumbest and idiotic fake thing in 2021

  8. If he wanted to play around he should've went to east new york, he better make sure he's packed, this video was shot in brooklyn

  9. Squidward Testicles The LSD Squirting Octopussy says:

    0:54 He jumps & moves like the main protagonist of GTA Vice City. lol

  10. The tone of the narrator had me for a few seconds 😂

  11. There's a guy who knows that you run faster when you're carrying a knife.

  12. Is this real? They make it seem super fake with the gun and things

  13. So he'd be having an out of body experience if he switched the camera view

  14. What are you guys talkin about. This desease is too real

  15. 3.6k dislikes? What a bunch of triggered p*ssies.

  16. He does know you can turn off weapon sway, right?

  17. Theory:
    We're just NPC's in a simulation of a much, much bigger world while this guy is the player and he's trying to save the world from covid and some other threats. This could also mean that there is an alien civilization that created us.

  18. Delt spicy gaming fun videos and fun time (: 💯 says:

    Is this real?!!!?

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