Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond On Oculus Quest 2 | The Best WW2 VR Game? -

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond On Oculus Quest 2 | The Best WW2 VR Game?

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Here’s my review of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on the Oculus Quest 2. I am going to show you VR gameplay of the Omaha beach invasion and I will be telling you if you should be buying this WW2 game or not.


0:00 – Medal of Honor VR Introduction
0:49 – Medal of Honor VR: Omaha Beach Invasion Gameplay
12:13 – Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Review

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  1. Hello, to play with console joystick and sitting? I play FarCry, borderlands, Forza, NFS, gtav . Etc ….

  2. cant wait to get steam on my pc so i can play this

  3. the title annoyed me. “THE BEST WW2 VR GAME??” no, it isnt

  4. how do you get this game wiht VR? I am new to oculus quest 2 and I cannot seem to buy it on my phone? I saw someone talking about playing it from your desktop to your oculus quest… can anyone help me figure out how to do that?

  5. Bruh I cant find this game on my oculus

  6. "Shooting a hill before the enemy walks up it". Ya, safe to say you played this a few times before streaming it lol

  7. Oh this is what look like a geek playing war…

  8. This kind of paints a pitcher where the U.S were the main forces on the beaches when they were not – The British commonwealth troops were fighting on tougher sides of the beaches in larger numbers with much more effective succus rates, the U.S forces largely slowed them down as many of them ended up pined down.

    But according to American history and movies and games the U.S did it all… No where close.

  9. Thank coz upload the video! Thumbs Up! Hope the game's will available on stand-alone in VR set as soon as possible…

  10. i wonder if i can get it on quest

  11. I have a onculas but I can’t get that game

  12. THE game Litteraly Looks Like A Movie Ived Watched

  13. Help why can't we find this game Medal of Honor on our Oculus to where can you get it

  14. I can’t find the game on oculus Quest 2

  15. Im not sure but i think this is fake ..its just like a movie

  16. This graphics are running just on oculus or are connectet to PC?

  17. this game makes a lot of people emotional

  18. Would love to see Frankieonpcin1080p play this

  19. hello, can you play seated? pressing one key to crouch and another to throw grenades? I know you lose the sense of the game but can you?
    sorry my inglis

  20. 10:02 as soon as he hit him with the gun a Dr pepper ad showed up 😅😅😅

  21. You are playing in Oculus Quest 2 or you are using it for playing pc-version of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond?

  22. me gets my oculus quest 2 headset searches up medal of honors results: no medal of honor

  23. "Bandit! Nine o'clock! Heads down!"
    "Thirty seconds!"
    "Alright! Listen up! When the ramp drops, move out! If you get lost, look for me!"
    "Ten seconds!"
    "Stay with me and we'll get through this! We've gotta take that beach!"
    "Clear out the ramp!"

    If anybody knows what this is from, I love you

  24. 7:35

    In reality the gun is also very good. Way better then the thompson..

    I realy felt sorry for the us having such a bad gun:(

  25. I'm currently downloading this game. My hard drive is going to kill me in my sleep when it's done.

  26. Do you move Around using the analog stick on the controllers or do you need a special moving carpet to move around with the oculus quest 2?😊 thx for answers

  27. It really breaks my heart how you were wasting ammo. Or that's the veteran in me. Pretty sure anyone would agree though.

  28. You've got to expect a linear story when play these types of games, but I like how you can get creative with the kills by throwing objects

  29. I like the low recoil of MP-40 😑

    COD 2 players can relate

  30. Is it a pc game because l carnt find it on oculus store

  31. You need a PC to play this, why not show games you can play on the quest 2 standalone..clickbait

  32. It's finally time to check out Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond in glorious VR!

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