Most Satisfying long range Sniping in Battlefield ASMR -

Most Satisfying long range Sniping in Battlefield ASMR

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Battlefield has some of the best Sniping in the business. Long range is incredibly rewarding and satisfying. Here are my best shots! NEW Gold Phantom Tee – Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. Don't worry if you play today, you will be head shot even if you are in a moving tank top almost instantly by super skilled players. LOL

    Why the hell BF5 does not ban cheaters now.

  2. Kentucky windage, very good shooting especially that head shot where you could barely see a scalp.

  3. i think u were playing on none-pc platform

  4. What sniper is this and what’s the zoom magnification

  5. es casi como tener sexo cuando haces un headshot

  6. I think he is kinda good at the game

  7. I wish someone would make a realistic game.

  8. Fucking. Savage……I don’t mean to toot my own horn….but one time I got a hit marker with a sniper…..he didn’t die….but it hurt him

  9. Kar98 is a beast. The bullet goes whoooosh…TING!

  10. I can only imagine what the 12 year olds are yelling into their mics about this guy’s mother when they get sniped 😂

  11. Apparently anything at all qualifies as asmr these days….

  12. I Would hire this gamer any time to discipline my children 🤤

  13. Me:
    Standing around waiting for an enemy. Shoots. Missed. Dies. Always.

    This guy:
    Kills things I cant see. For fun.

  14. First react on vids so motivated to play as sniper's, but while playing… sh*tt always respawn..

  15. What rifle are you using in this starting match, I started a few days ago and wanted to know the best scout weapons. Could you tell me what this rifle is

  16. I guess this is the only acceptable way of ASMR… Not when someone licking and scratching the mic….

  17. bf2042's sniping is so unsatisfying 🙁
    bf1 really nailed the sniping game

  18. great game with superb story , customization , best FPS,grand operations and war stories are great .

  19. Quello che mi chiedo è,,ma come fanno a vedere i nemici da così lontano… assurdo.. bravissimi

  20. I mean he's an alllrightttt sniper i mean pffff :))

  21. How to download the game in my android smartphone??

  22. Getting a perfect snipe is the best feeling..

  23. video could also be titled "when you have a 4k tv"

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