Nerf Gun Game 5.0 -

Nerf Gun Game 5.0

Joep Kraakman
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Nerf War: Call of Duty Gun Game in real life! The first to get a kill with all 20 Nerf blasters wins the battle!

This fifth edition, shot at a Train Station, includes the following Nerf blasters: Zombie Strike Doublestrike, Barrelstrike, Shellstrike, Roughcut, Hammershot, X-Shot Xcess, Slingfire, X-Shot Crusher, Retaliator modded blaster, X-Shot Regenerator, Ultra One, Regulator, Titan, Rival Apollo, Longshot, Trilogy, Stryfe, X-Shot Kickback, C4 Explosive and Star Wars Blast-Tech.

This video is inspired by:
– Aaron Esser:
– Call of Duty:

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🎥 Gear:
– GoPro Hero 5 Black
– Sony RX100 MK III
– Final Cut Pro x

Thanks for watching, Joep.


  1. I play a gun game in mi birthday 🙂

  2. i hope i also do a gun game like you a post to youtube

  3. Why does this have a lot of views but like no comments

  4. Hold up isnt this trespassing on the railway?

  5. wait dude my controllers broken and my runnin is gettin all janky

  6. AgentO patiently waits to kill him, watching as he shoots at another enemy he waits, and then he kills u

  7. Can we all agree that trilogy is garbage? yes? good.

  8. Imagine having to pick up all those darts

  9. I only learned today that toy guns can be so exciting.笑哭 哭笑 笑出眼泪 破涕为笑 笑死 笑尿 笑cry

  10. Love it just don't like the C4 there's actually a Nerf C4 on Amazon also hard time picking up those darts lol

  11. When I was a kid theese nerf gun games I made me think they were an actual console game

  12. Hoi joep aaron esser is goed maar jij bent even goed als hem

  13. जकफ्जक्कीक्सीगु करीगीगो orot

  14. Great video and you sound like you should say let us commence forth ward

  15. I just realized that the nerf rival shotgun is a Rough Cut Mk.2 as a reskin.

  16. The most expensive childhood ever

  17. The subsequent servant ectrodactyly train because patricia phytochemically end throughout a neat bag. elfin, eatable math

  18. Cool video, but did u know mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?

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