NERF GUNS for Nerf Gun Game 15.0! -

NERF GUNS for Nerf Gun Game 15.0!

Aaron Esser
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Going over the blasters and weapons for Nerf Gun Game 15.0!
Main video! Coming Soon…​

Fortnite Grenade Laucher
Volt Elite 2.0
Zombie GhoulGrinder
Rival Heracles
Commander Elite 2.0
Phoenix Elite 2.0
Fortnite Drum Gun
Fortnite Scoped Revolver
Echo Elite 2.0
Fortnite Infantry Rifle
Modulus Demolisher
Jet Blaster Ceda
Aeon Pro
Halo Assault Rifle
Fortnite Sniper Rifle Blue
Ultra Pharaoh
Adventure Force Sentry X2
Marvel Ronin
XShot Swords
Foam Fire Demon Sword


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Thanks for watching!
Aaron 🙂


  1. Me wondering why Mitch is in a banana costume me just realizing that it is based off of peely

  2. Wrighterguy is onto something about this covid stuff

  3. , 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫😂😢🙏😞😭🍫🍒🥜🍒

  4. Ah okay boss thanks for the 6 and I hope you are having a good day and I hope you are having a great day and I hope you are having a great day and

  5. I have a idea and its that you should play with the kids in 12.0 and that they can team up against you

  6. That actually called magazine not clip

  7. If you said clip your actually noob nerfer

  8. Nerf: Fortnite granade launcher
    TF2 community: ,_,

  9. Maybe for the next bts of your next nerf vid maybe shoot someone in the foot and then either you or the person takes off the sock and then “find” out where u shot him/her then prank everyone with Mitch maybe!? Have Mitch pretend or prank everyone by saying I sprained my ankle and then have him ask u to take off his sock and examine his ankle then after a couple of mins say it’s a prank!!

  10. Thank you bro aap ki vajah Se Mere Dad Ne Mere that Mein Mere ko Nau plaster likhati

  11. Aron as más juegos de zomdiz mi ermano y yo nos gusta mucho 😁

  12. Lol it funny if yiu shot all of them and say boom

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