Nerf meets Call of Duty: Gun Game | First Person in 4K! -

Nerf meets Call of Duty: Gun Game | First Person in 4K!

Aaron Esser
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A Nerf War meets Call of Duty in “Nerf Gun Game” in 4K! The first person through all 20 blasters wins.

Thanks for watching! You can check out the behind the scenes here:

Team Deathmatch:
Free For All:
Gun Game 1.0:
Gun Game 2.0:
Gun Game 3.0:
Gun Game 4.0:
Gun Game 5.0:
One in The Chamber:
Zombies 2.0:
Sticks And Stones:
Star Wars:

Video made with:
GoPro 4 Hero Black (at 4k 30fps)
Canon 5D mark ii (at 1080p)
Glidecam HD2000
Zoom H2N
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro

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    The kids:

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  5. Could you do an explanation of nerf gun game terms like humiliation?

  6. I feel bad for the guy that was on fourth gun😞

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  8. Who missed the multiple prospectives in nerf gun game

  9. Good job buddy I like your Nerf gun games

  10. I feel like Activision should make a nerf gun game just like Call Of Duty with realistic graphics, but have like a hilarious comedy story to it but make it epic. It would be a game for kids to play without the gore and blood. It’s just an idea and something I would totally play as well. Should have a online mode just like Call Of Duty Games

    By the way, Awesome Video! 😄

  11. This video depicts the maverick as a inaccurate weapon, however when me and my friends played nerf wars and I used the maverick. The gun was highly accurate.

  12. This must be that new modern warfare everyone talking about

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  14. Is it just me or is this what I binged as a kid

  15. 4:01 If you noticed clearly there is a mistake on the spelling its humiliation not humiliiation

  16. Aaron wins every near gun game even if he dies

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