Nerf War: City Battle 2 | Nerf First Person Shooter -

Nerf War: City Battle 2 | Nerf First Person Shooter

PDK Films
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Nerf War: City Battle 2 by PDK Films, the largest Nerf channel on YouTube! Subscribe to our new Nerf channel, King Kousky, for Nerf Minecraft, Nerf Call of Duty, and Nerf Star Wars videos! Stay tuned for more Nerf War and Nerf First Person Shooter videos! 🏀 Download Basketball Arena!

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PDK Films creates Nerf War videos and is the largest Nerf channel on YouTube with over 17 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf battle videos on YouTube, and now have over 3 billion total views. We customize and mod all of our Nerf blasters just for our videos, which are inspired by video games, movies, and pop culture. We also started a new Nerf channel, King Kousky, which creates Nerf Minecraft, Nerf Call of Duty, and Nerf Star Wars videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!

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  1. Pdk seems like the kinda guy that would find a m257 in his med pack at war

  2. i felt like i was playing a game so i got my Nerf Gun to play along!

  3. Pov: He eats burito and mission is failed

  4. Friend: How Many BasketBalls do you have?

  5. Ah yes very useful guns in very useful places…. Actually good video, but too many ads

  6. I bet this was really fun city is Columbus btw

  7. My city irl is called wigan in the United Kingdom

  8. What was the x shot gun he used at 6:30 called. I’m trying to buy one but I can’t find the same one.

  9. There are even darts picked up that weren't part of this episode

  10. The most good in this video is: if you kind and help others such a old ppl, poor ppl and etc. they will give you price

  11. PDK if you did a video on Airsoft, that would be top tier

  12. What is in the second box at minute five and six seconds

  13. I like that their is Xshot guns being used in this video

  14. All of this for a Boruto this is a true rescue story

  15. That’s why you should lock your bathroom door…

  16. I live at in a village but the name of our city is surigao city its a great place

  17. Pdk films seems like you would cook up darts that were from the Nerf gun and say we're going to eat some tonight

  18. Do u guys pick up the bullets after the video is over

  19. SEAT X I wanted to nerf. Many many gun and wenrion

  20. You got to appreciate the fact that he makes funny objectives that always include a burrito

  21. What if he uses cheese balls for ammo lol i

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