Nerf War: The Compound -

Nerf War: The Compound

PDK Films
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Nerf War: The Compound by PDK Films, the largest Nerf channel on YouTube! Subscribe to our new Nerf channel, King Kousky, for Nerf Minecraft, Nerf Call of Duty, and Nerf Star Wars videos! Stay tuned for more Nerf War and Nerf First Person Shooter videos!

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PDK Films creates Nerf War videos and is the largest Nerf channel on YouTube with over 17 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf battle videos on YouTube, and now have over 3 billion total views. We customize and mod all of our Nerf blasters just for our videos, which are inspired by video games, movies, and pop culture. We also started a new Nerf channel, King Kousky, which creates Nerf Minecraft, Nerf Call of Duty, and Nerf Star Wars videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!

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  1. either you have aimbot or the enemies's aims sucks

  2. Because of course he have to add a shit joke

    So fuckin stupid

  3. Steve:🇬🇷(Team Hellenic Power)kills 38X and 2X Headshots 🇬🇧 army military S.A.S.!!!

  4. Special force group 2 death match LOL!!!

  5. The sound of spa music is slowly drowned out by the sounds of battle cries in the distance at 7:11

  6. Ddaddagddadgadaggagasfaddadafaaffddddddfddddfgffhdaddfdfdjddghdddddgfddddddddjddddddddddddddfdhdssdgddddsadsfadfddffaafddsdadddaddsdadafafddddddasdddddadddfdadagdsddsddfddssaadfddssssaassaadddddaddsdsdsddadaaadaafaddffddddhdaghhgaddaajdsajsddsssgdsaddafaadssdhsddafsdddddddddsdsdfsjgdagsddffghdfgdfhdddagdddddgjsagddasadsssssasddfadddsddddddddddddaddsddad

  7. What girls see: nah they're juts playing
    What boys see: wAar

  8. Alternative title and unpopular title
    Madness: The Compund

  9. Cerine Ridaنسألكم الدعاء قلدتكم الدعاء والزيارة says:


  10. Can you drop the location to these wonderful real estate like the burrito video

  11. Bathroom wars should be the title of this video

  12. I don’t have to do anything any work I need it for me when I’m in a room or something like

  13. Why tf did this show up when I searched "gunfights"

  14. Only Og’s know that this video was named nerf war:HUGE Mansion Battle

  15. How is this possible after war and find all ammo that's a lot of work finding all ammo at one house is really hard

  16. About the massage part it looks like they are actually tickling the guy.

  17. The part when the guy was on the toilet yeah the sound effects for some reason made me not like this channel

  18. Indian kids are play with bb bullet mouser gun and bb bullet akm 😂😂😂

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