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NYPD using VR to train for active shootings and real-life scenarios

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The NYPD is testing virtual reality training drills for real-life scenarios that would be impossible to recreate.

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  1. Dang that’s reminds me of those zombie VR shooters in Japan

  2. best clone trooper voice just like the simulations

  3. They walked in the first room soooo wrong brahhhhh kids theses days could take theses cops out with ezzzz haha 😄

  4. When the school shooter happen in zoom class

  5. in a distant future policing would be done like this, with officers operating them out of harm's way and sending drones/robots controlled with VR

  6. “Attention Bravo-15, we’ve got several stretched corpses in your perimiter, please do not touch the corpses, over.”

  7. I want this game ! But avaliable for small spaces and for joysticks to move

  8. Looks like vrchat but with guns. We do not need guns in that world, just people who are socially interesting. They are using similar tracking methods. Looks like open source code so they do not have to deal with patents. For around $1,000 you can build a complete system for 1 person. 3 $100 trackers, quest 2 $400, $300 for 3d printer to make those feed back gloves designed by a kid and shared design plans on open open source. I dont see them using force feed back gloves to open the door, so they used a timer logic, if hand sensor is held in this spot for 3 seconds then open door. That is going to be a really expensive contract for whoever wins it and gets to provide this tech to the police departments. There is a force feed back glove designed over seas that is too expensive and only sold commercially. It has patents and is a good idea, but the micro motors cost too much to be sold for entertainment usage.

  9. This is the future for emergency service training imo

  10. Now combine this with HDRP Graphics + PBR Materials in your Unity engine and you got yourself pure realism.

  11. omg I love the realism in 1:31 it’s exactly like cyberpunk 2077 but in real life. Amazing job

  12. i know this sounds dumb but, this would be a SICK game , although used for training NYPD someone could develop that and make it a fun game!!

  13. This program was cancelled because the officers involved couldn't stop Tea bagging their targets.

  14. I’d pay a good 70 bucks to play that

  15. alright, Now Im just awaiting for this to be available to the public 😁

  16. If they let normal people play in that facility as a game center when they aren't training the cost of the whole program would pay itself out in a couple of years. That way it would be a lot easier for smaller/poorer police departments to be able to have it as well insteaf of only the biggest PD in the country.

  17. A glitch in this training simulation would be like: I repeat the suspect is stretching his arms to infinity and beyond.

  18. It would be awesome to do any VR in that huge open area

  19. why does this look like phasmophobia but with guns lol

  20. They should have the officers wear full body suits with motion detectors and make it so they can feel like get shot at or something. It would make it so they could know what it feel like, would be really cool to see this develop further.

  21. this would be cool to play in movies to be the acuter in the movie Scarface

  22. looks better than what we have now really makes you realize the power of VR and what it might look like in the future

  23. are those bots that the NYPD Placed for the officers training

  24. future they will control robotics to destroy humanity for money… ACAB

  25. Yknow whats hliarious, they believes this game helped cops to be more professional, meanwhile New York already been broken the trust from police tho justification of hypocrisy act.

  26. So basically its like the Police Trainer Arcade Game but in VR and actually used to train police.

  27. I need to get on their squad. My squad always dies and the last one left 90% of the time

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