PANDA try GUN GAME | Pubg Mobile -

PANDA try GUN GAME | Pubg Mobile

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PANDA try GUN GAME for the FIRST TIME | Pubg Mobile. So we just got a new game mode in pubgm and here you have the first time that I try it!

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  1. Who is watching this video after 10 million subscribers

  2. The fact is I loved ur videos Since season 4-5 And ur sooo popular now! congratsZ

  3. When I play pubg I feel like I'm in fortnite and start trying to break things

  4. 𝘼𝙛𝒏𝒂𝒏𝒑𝒎 says:

    How can u get 36 kills when gun game is only 18 kills

  5. I don't know how gungame has 36 kills
    It's 18 right

  6. What a thumb nai it has just 18 kills and 34 kill u have done nice

  7. The pubg chicken chicken winnew dinner says:

    Dengerous khilady 99999 is panda

  8. In this gameplay panda thought us how to poop with shotgun

  9. Legends are watching this video
    after 1 year 😂😂😂

  10. (Panda)🙏😭 Mera channel subscribe Karva do 30k

  11. Malayali undegil ende channel onu Kerri noku ❤️⚡💥,Panda OP ❤️

  12. ভাই তুমি খুব ভালো গেমিং করনা

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