Shooting Games for PS4: Titles that Rock -
Prey (2017)

Shooting Games for PS4: Titles that Rock

While real wars are ugly events, on-screen ones are entertaining experiences to dive into. Teamwork, an arsenal of weapons and military hardware, danger behind each corner…We’ve prepared a list of shooting games for PS4, both legendary and fresh releases.

Prey (2017)

A future space station near Earth was studying aliens, captured and kept in cages. But they broke out. And now pose a threat to the entire humanity. Destroy the danger by eliminating every creature, learning their abilities with a high-tech gadget. For example, shapeshifting and mind control. Detailed explorable environments, top-notch graphics, and great storytelling make it an interesting journey.

Insurgency: Sandstorm (2018)

Insurgency Sandstorm (2018)

This multiplayer pits teams against each other on more than 6 present-day maps. The set of best-realized classic weapons offers 33 firearms to choose from. Terrible screams of dying enemies and allies, stellar graphics, and blood splatter…Minor details build a solid picture of the kill-or-be-killed atmosphere.

Apex Legends (2019): One of the Best Squad-Based Shooting Games for PS4

Apex Legends (2019)

It is a hero shooter with battle royale elements and a detail-rich sci-fi map. 20 teams of 3 explore the locations to grab loot and shoot at each other. Later updates added a solo and 2-membered modes. Polished firing mechanics, vertical mobility, and an innovative nonverbal communication system…These features make the title special in its genre.

Call of Duty: Warzone (2020)

Call of Duty Warzone (2020)

The free-to-play FPS offers to squad up and explore the well-crafted map filled with hostile players. When killed for the first time, a soldier is sent to Gulag. Only to duel with other “losers” and be returned to the action. Stellar firefights, tried-and-tested guns, and interesting respawning mechanics turn the adventure into heated battles.

Necromunda: Hired Gun (2021)

Necromunda Hired Gun (2021)

It is an FPS single-player set on a mechanized planet. As a mercenary, you take on missions and participate in fast-paced and brutal combat. The mobility of the main character allows him to move on any surface. And destroy enemies in seconds. An upgradable dog companion is a nice touch and an aid in fights. It is one of the recent single-player shooting games for PS4.

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