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Kendall Gray
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  1. i wish you had more sucribers ive watched you grow for a long tine

  2. Kg should have one he killed one with a stick

  3. I remember all of these guns and the pistol video was awesome

  4. he looks like my dog , but he died from a blizzerd

  5. Watching this now I don’t feel so bad for shooting squirrels with my co2 pistol lol

  6. Man y’all should’ve just put the stick as the last one 💀😂

  7. So if you kill a squirrel with a stick you have to change sticks right?

  8. Your videos is better than flyer and my name is Corey

  9. “I had to Speer it…with a stick….”

  10. Be careful with that nice rifle there feller.

  11. As much as that dog barks them squirrels gonna hole up being your buddy can't hit anything lol.

  12. What's the gun link to the 17 Hmr Rifle Rugar so then I can buy it

  13. I went squirrel hunting with a 22 revolver

  14. Love watching your videos Keep up the amazing content bud 🙂 hope you had an awesome Christmas and new year

  15. Umm is anyone else wondering if that story about the dog going missing true😑

  16. Haha my old single shot 410 has taken a lot of squirrels in it's time. I'm glad to have passed it down to my wife and soon enough my child.

  17. You ever had a squirrel that was still alive and bit you when you picked it up?

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