The 10 best multiplayer games on PC -

The 10 best multiplayer games on PC

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Lock, load and for goodness’ sakes mute your headset mic as we break down the very best of multiplayer gaming on PC.

00:25 – Overwatch
01:03 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
01:43 – Team Fortress 2
02:24 – Towerfall Ascension
03:02 – Unreal Tournament
03:50 – Rocket League
04:34 – Battlefield 4
05:12 – Quake III Arena
05:47 – Rainbow Six Siege
06:32 – Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

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  1. only 3 games of those are good the other games terrible

  2. 90% of the games you mention are fps. you do know there are a lot of other genres in the multiplayer areana. Bad video

  3. This list is shit, virtually every game is a FPS of some kind. Try to have some better variety because not everyone is into FPS games.

  4. Battlefield is based on cinematic moments?! WTF??!!

  5. Unless you're in the ESL, CS:GO is one of the worst games to play. It's flooded with aimbotters, and the sad thing is these people also have money to throw away because every time they get their accounts banned, they just buy a new one continue aimbotting.

  6. Quakee 3 nr 1 Hope Quake Champions will by good.

  7. So damn tired of CSGO, MOBA's, Battle Royale games and older games that I've already played the crap out of.

    Only Siege interested me and I'm already it right now. Wish there were more interesting MP games out there right now with a decent sized playerbase atleast.

  8. I want innovative games, the majority of this games are FPS

  9. Why dont you just call this top 8 shooters plus a car drive into a ball game and an atari game?

  10. I feel most of these games accept for r6 and maybe over watch are dead because a) battlefield 1 came out. And b) There’s a new unreal tournament

  11. Great first look at good multiplayer games, even though i was looking for mmorpg games. Will continue scrolling for one, but thx anyway.

  12. My list. My opinion.
    Team Fortress 2.
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
    League Of Legends.

    Even Roblox if you're -13

  13. Omg… The graphics of Towerfall Ascension is just amazing xD

  14. 2019 the video uploaded in 2016 why is there moira in the thumbnail ?

  15. Is Overwatch worth starting in 2020? I've heard a lot of controversy over it and hear that the meta went batshit after Brigitte was introduced. What's the state of the balance and community like?

    I played League of Legends for a year before I quit, so I can't possibly come across a more immature community but still.

  16. Awesome video, what programs do you use for editing

  17. LMAO his rocket league skills are lacking. He was legit double jumping instead of flipping

  18. What's your favourite multiplayer game? Did we include it?

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