The Best FPS On Oculus Quest Is FREE -

The Best FPS On Oculus Quest Is FREE

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I check out the best FPS available right now on Oculus Quest, Pavlov! Pavlov Shack for Oculus Quest is a free version of the game which is available on SideQuest. In this video I show you how to sideload Pavlov VR onto your Oculus Quest and show you some gameplay with my buddy GamerTagVR…

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01:55 – How to install Pavlov Shack on Oculus Quest
03:53 – Pavlov Shack Oculus Quest Zombies Gameplay
06:36 – Pavlov Shack Oculus Quest Gun Game Gameplay
08:44 – Pavlov Shack Oculus Quest Search & Destroy Gameplay
11:48 – Quest Pavlov Shack Vs Pavlov VR on PC VR headsets

Check out GamerTagVR’s YouTube channel here;

Create an Oculus Developer Account here;

Download Oculus ADB Drivers here;

Download SideQuest here;

Join the Pavlov VR Discord here;

Check out my Oculus Quest SideQuest guide if you get stuck here;

You can order the Oculus Quest here (affiliate link);
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Let me know what you think of Pavlov Shack on Oculus Quest in the comments below?

Thanks for watching []-)

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  1. I guess I'm late to the party. This game is $25 now.

  2. When I try to play the pavlov shack on my oculus quest 2 what happens is I get stuck on the screen with the three gray dots and the black background and it won’t open no matter what I do can anyone help me please

  3. Can you sideload games via chrome book? And do you need to be plugged to a pc to play sideloaded games?

  4. Should I use a pair of headphones with a mic to talk? Because I don’t think that people can hear me when I’m just using the base mic

  5. god i never realised how ugly it was back then

  6. This is by far the best RV game on the planet

  7. Are there good snipers in this game? I really like sniping in various games, so the opportunity to do that in Vr once I get a headset is genuinely exciting 🙂

  8. Its still not here in july 2022 in the quest store 🙁

  9. I played the pc verson and got a refund after 40 mins. Dissapointing.

  10. If u want to get this game go to the side quest website then go to applab then look for Pavlov shack beta, your welcome

  11. Crazy to see how low quality pavlov was just a year ago, its like a totally different game now.

  12. how do you download the abd file? There isn't a download button for me

  13. i saw this video a bit ago when i first got sidequest and its now one of my favorite games and my fav FPS game

  14. You can also download it by going to the oculus quest 2 store searching up “pavlov shack beta” scroll to the bottom and hit applabs

  15. An easier way to get side quest games is by going to nathie’s channel and serching for his tutorial and there is a link in his description that takes u to a website AND YOU CAN DO IT ON MOBILE from there you can add them to ur oculus libery and it will auto install

  16. It’s not even on there kinda a waste of time

  17. I look it up, and I can’t find it?!

  18. Will I have to sideload Pavlov when it comes out and will it be free

  19. I can't WAIT for this game to be out of beta. Once it is i reckon it will kill onward simply because it's just more fun and the graphics are better

  20. Can I get more then 64gb ? Oculus Quest 2

  21. It's free for now anyways. It'll be around 17$ pretty soon.

  22. I’m really annoyed that the Quest version is not as optimised as the PC VR version, but it’s very good though

  23. Do you know how to get a oculus quest gor cheap my family is going through some financial problems so i wanna have fun but i dont have enought money for it

  24. Hi Mike do you know if can I turn off the blood in Pavlov?

  25. yeah, idk im still having a problem with the looks of some vr shooters… or they have good looks but dont have co-op

  26. Sadly I was too late. For now I'm stuck with demos and that crappy free one

  27. Me and my friend wanted to play it but we dont know how to join each other

  28. After seeing how downgrades the graphics are a year ago and seeing how good they are now just shows how a game can evolve is awesome

  29. heh 11/29/2021 still the full game hasn't been released

  30. Wtf is side downloading? I’m brand new to all this. Just bought the quest 2 but can’t find the Pavlov game? Just looking for a (free) straight forward shooting game tbh 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
    Edit…. Sorry I jumped before watching all of the video 🤦🏻‍♀️😂I. I’ll be back lol

    (Last) Edit (sorry) …
    You say look for Android _ (etc etc) is it the same if you have an iphone ?

  31. Gameplay starts at 03:53 if you want to skip the tutorial []-)

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