The BEST Oculus Quest 2 Online Shooter Is HERE! | Contractors Quest 2 Gameplay -

The BEST Oculus Quest 2 Online Shooter Is HERE! | Contractors Quest 2 Gameplay

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Today on BMF we are checking out the best new Oculus Quest 2 online shooter, Contractors on the Quest 2. Contractors launches at 1PM EST on December 3rd! Check out the game here –

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Contractors Main Lobby
02:35 – Loadouts
03:05 – Target Practice/Killhouse
03:37 – Single Player Missions
06:05 – Setting-Up Multiplayer Matches
09:31 – Online Co-Op and Multiplayer with @GAMERTAG VR
25:08 – Outro

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  1. I either look for BMF reviews on YouTube or the quest store lol but you always help make a decision

  2. The graphics arent the best but the fun factor is incredible he is having alot of fun and excercise which is awsome glad your having fun man

  3. When I go to the oculus store I can’t find contractors. Can anyone help?

  4. What’s your oculus quest 2 accessories you are using would like to get the same set up, the basic interface that comes with it is very painful

  5. Who is watching the intro for like the 1000 time

  6. Love the intro man keep up the good work love the vids

  7. Any shooter game can be the best if you have Jonah Hill shilling for you

  8. i dont have facebook and dont want one. i undrstand you need 1 to play. can you just make up a blank profile with no friends and content and still play? please someone answer me thank you

  9. i have onward wish I got contractors were going to get the climb 2 but ill probably get contractors instead and get the climb some other time

  10. I’m trying to read the comments to see how people think of the game and all I see our ( OMG HIS INTRO ) 🙃

  11. It’s a great game but I’m lucky to even see 2 co-op or online lobby’s

  12. Gotta love this guy, he helps out the community, has a great sense of humor and is pretty nice.

  13. I watched the intro twice it was so smooth

  14. Would anyone say it’s better than onward?

  15. Community on this game is toxic… coop is cool… pvp sucks… a loooooooot of insults…
    quest is a low price product so… i guess is a reason why trash people are in every game…

  16. Awesome in depth review exactly what I was looking for before buying!!

  17. Dpms sbr BB gun in the intro? Lol I just bought a sbr recently and recognized it on the thumbnail

  18. when they tell you to calibrate your height I wasn’t tall enough for the shortest option

  19. I picked this up on OQ2 2 days ago, and I love this. Some bash the graphics because its "downrezzed" but I mean come on, running wireless on a portable VR headset, quietly and without a PC. That is a big accomplishment. the gameplay is solid as roast beef (Robot chicken Spock reference), the graphics are fine for a portable version of the game, and the cross buy means I can run the "full strength" version when I want to. I instantly fell in love with this game. This is one of those titles that helps sell the system ! Mr. BMF thank you for creating these videos ! and that intro was sweet !

  20. Why it look like he ain't ADS tho? Dope video man!

  21. Sorry I almost blew your head off again Vincent, lmao

  22. You earned a subscriber because you did those transitions from the real world to vr they were so clean man!!!

  23. Hey for the muzzle flashes, to make them more realistic have them shooting light on you

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