The BEST Oculus Quest 2 Online Shooter Is HERE! | Contractors Quest 2 Gameplay -

The BEST Oculus Quest 2 Online Shooter Is HERE! | Contractors Quest 2 Gameplay

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Today on BMF we are checking out the best new Oculus Quest 2 online shooter, Contractors on the Quest 2. Contractors launches at 1PM EST on December 3rd! Check out the game here –

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Contractors Main Lobby
02:35 – Loadouts
03:05 – Target Practice/Killhouse
03:37 – Single Player Missions
06:05 – Setting-Up Multiplayer Matches
09:31 – Online Co-Op and Multiplayer with @GAMERTAG VR
25:08 – Outro

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  1. Who thinks Pavlov and minecraft will come to the quest I hope they do

  2. The cutscene got me hooked with that smile while shooting a rifle, classic

  3. Ive never played VR before and im ordering my Quest 2 soon and i have to get this game lol

  4. How would this compare to pavlov and onward? Im trying to see which one is best and most polished

  5. Am i the only one who thinks the aiming in this game is really weird?for some reason im having trouble hitting shots half the time

  6. Why does this dude have a santa claus laugh lol

  7. xmas day can't come quick enough

  8. You look like a psycopath In the thumbnail

  9. Please please review Virtual Virtual Reality, it’s a super underrated game that’s so creative and awesome!

  10. Do you do the voice for the nerdy scientist on the Simpsons?

  11. Great vid a usual. Can you just play 1v1 with a friend, or is it just 4 player

  12. Really stupid question…Does the Quest 2 have to be using the link cable for the mic to work on multi player games? I seem to be having problems with my mic not working and not sure what I'm doing wrong. If the link cable is not needed, does the onboard mic work through the router? I have a gaming PC that is VR ready and have made sure it is set to (Oculus Audio Device) but still no mic when using link.. Any help would be appreciated. VR Pokerstars is the game that the mic is not working

  13. Its a bit annoying how everyone who does videos, they never use the iron sights to aim. Always hip fire.

  14. I've been playing Contractors since release on my CV1, I was going to buy a Quest purely for Virtual Desktop, but I have to say the native Quest port of Contractors looks really good!

    Loving your content, amd that intro was indeed sick!

    Got a new sub

  15. I finally got this game and I will say this video is a huge understatement

  16. You laugh like George Costanza.

    Also, thanks for the very informative video!

  17. Great game for the the price. Needs some fixes but otherwise great fun great community

  18. That intro was so clean you could compare it to bleach

  19. Hey all,

    If you would like to join a Contractors gaming community for competitive and casual play, join our Whitewater Contractors discord:

    We are very new but looking to grow rapidly

    Requirements: 14+ and must have mic

  20. How do you walk forward in game in these vr thingees anyone?

  21. For me sorry it does not work. I calibrate my stock the physical and when all is alligned and works. Then I press two triggers and try to grab the weapon with my physical 3D printed stock and the gun is not there, disappeares or when I have the gun in hand it shoots a 50-60 degree upwards in the air. I am devestated.  please help me!

  22. Everyone already said it, but the intro is so good.

  23. i can agree that contractors is the best vr shooter

  24. Aren't you the guy who claimed Gorn was too violent? nice intro.

  25. was gonna instantly comment on that intro but yall did it for me

  26. That intro was sssssmmmmmmmmmmOOOOOOOOOOOOTH

  27. Hey BMF, try out clip on headphones for the quest 2. I've tried some and I think they're really good, and I think that you would like them too!

  28. i honestly perfer this game over pavlov and onward and its cheaper that both of them

  29. Nice man! Sick intro💪🏽 just uplaoded a contractors vr compilation myself👌🏼

  30. As soon as I hear AI, enemies my heart sinks, It needs to be Human Vs Human every time, otherwise, it takes away from the emersion.

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