The Ideal Air Rifle Shooter with Abhinav Bindra [IND] -

The Ideal Air Rifle Shooter with Abhinav Bindra [IND]

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Former Olympic champion Abhinav Bindra discusses the anatomy of Air Rifle shooters and reveals the attributes needed to be the perfect athlete in the sport.

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  1. Abhinav Bindra why were you not there in Japan.? You were the first individual Indian to win a gold medal. Congrats we haven't forgotten you.

  2. अरे भाई जरा अपनी मातृ भाषा में भी बोल दिया करो

  3. Sir your name as my 5th class lesson as GOLD MEDAL 🥇 Abhinav bindra….I'm very proud of you sir😊😊👍👍

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  5. Known as the Soorma of India, he made our national sport proud.
    Hoisting the flag and the stick, the term Flicker Singh for him stands just right.

  6. Bahut hi badhiya laga jab aap gold jite.

  7. Lol Olympics youtube channel figured out what will get them the views 😂

  8. So there’s an anime “Rifle is Beautiful” and it brought me here.

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