The 'Virtuix Omni' Actually Lets You Run Around Video Games -

The ‘Virtuix Omni’ Actually Lets You Run Around Video Games

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The Virtuix Omni is a virtual reality gaming platform that lets you walk, run, and move around like you’re actually in the game.

It’s hands down the most immersive gaming experience we’ve seen so far. The simulator is currently available to pre-order at $499.

Just strap yourself into the Virtuix Omni platform, put on the Oculus Rift headset, and get ready to run. You have to physically move your body to advance in whatever game you’re playing.

So, with the help of CEO Jan Goetgeluk and his Virtuix Omni team, we headed over to the Engadget Expand conference to experience first-hand how this platform works.


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“Video Game Music”


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  1. It needs a lot of improvement, maybe they could use metal marbles with tracking dots on them for the floor using a tracking laser to track the marbles movement, like in a "mouse" it would require sockets for the marbles to have as less friction as possible while being durable…or it could use mag-lev tech to act as a movement triggers for the opposing megnetic force so a sensor can track movement flawlessly using movement or pressure sensors while holding you in the air with some sort of elastic garment…

  2. Imagine someone making pre order 7 years ago and still not released yet today

  3. Un gasto de energia caminando por lo deficil que es eso no es amigable con el cuerpo

  4. This video exposes one of the most fundamental barriers to achieving truly immersive VR gaming. It's not the graphics, it's not the disorientation or nausea… it's simply the physical effort involved.
    In a conventional FPS, you can rappel out of a heli onto a steep ledge, jump out the window and bolt across a battlefield terrain like a pro athlete dodging bullets and air strikes, while aiming for headshots left, right and center with a couple flicks of your thumbs on the controller.
    But to simulate that experience in an immersive simulation would mean you'll have to physically perform your stunts, at least to some degree of feedback. Forget about the universal-soldier style FPS action we're currently accustomed to.. you wouldn't even be able to pull off a 5 minute long combo of such competitive gaming without having to pause from exhaustion. Unless of course you train for it like an actual physical sport.. and suddenly it becomes a much less popular pastime than video gaming.

    Hoping they come up with an idea to solve this specific hurdle, cause honestly I'm a huge fan of the tech, personally.

  5. Mindflowing as fck!!! I wonder if it is time to sell my N64 :/

  6. … why are they playing half life 2… its first person computer game and wont be good in vr. Thats why they’re all dizzy at the end

  7. It's really not necesaarily perfect at all but paddling could be more easy to handle 👍🏻

  8. This system can make us fit and healthy we can move and run exercise by this game system future is near

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  10. I'd put the stabilizer thing on the waist since it looked like you can't aim with that

  11. Imagine playing madden or 2k in this type of mode

  12. I tried purchasing one tonight, and u can't. You have to wait for so.eone to call you back. Wtf is that?!!

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  14. Game bagus untuk memenuhi ambisi manusia srasa real

  15. I just came here thinking it was hl2 in the thumbnail

  16. Why dont make 3 printer that track with tour body

  17. The game they play looks bad you can't even see the gun move around it's just static so bad

  18. Hii bro how are you
    This is Bhaskar
    I want to set up this game in my city how can I set and how much money it's
    And gave me some suggestions plz bro

  19. I dunno, seems a little jank like you have to lean on it

  20. The moment when closed captions changes virtuix omni to "The Virtue of Sodomy" 😬😐

  21. This could be uploaded today and people would still be as excited for it

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  23. People don't realise that in reality, they are not their body. And their experience in this phenomenal world is similar to this immersive virtual reality; only difference it is deeply, deeply immersive.

  24. I played this once, damn I was all sweaty, its good

  25. Wow we have evolved so much since this video came out

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