Top 10 best realistic military shooters on PC -

Top 10 best realistic military shooters on PC

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In this video we’re running down the top 10 best realistic tactical shooters on PC. If you’re into your immersive military FPS games, and we mean really into them, then you’ll want to give this video a watch. We’ve got new FPS games like Insurgency: Sandstorm and World War 3, and old favourites like ARMA 3 and Full Spectrum Warrior.

Be sure to let us know in the comments if there are any hardcore shooters you’re particularly fond of that we missed. Enjoy!

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  1. receiver should be replaced with rainbow six siege leave a like on this comment if you agree

  2. bruh insurgency sandstorm i checked in steam its not free

  3. bruhh almost all of it aint free

  4. i am finding a game in which four soldier operate by one player in a game if you know please tell me its name

  5. I am from India this video is awesome😊

  6. how didnt any battlefield game get into this video?

  7. why is that the 2 people on this video sound like they are not even old enough to be playing a fps, and telling me how to play, when i've been playing them prob longer than when they were born….yeah ok w/e…here's some advide..don't patronise the viewer..

  8. João Carlos Monteiro Espindola Cardoso says:

    Dude, why not Project Reality, Its free tought

  9. Can someone give me likn to download WORLD WAR 3 ? PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME PORN VIDEO LINK

  10. What about post scriptum, hell let loose and rising storm 2

  11. for me, Arma 3 is DEFINITELY the most realistic and fun shooter ever, I have 500 hours on it and I still can't stop playing and yes, I have tried Squad and other games, but nothing could beat Arma

  12. Project Reality, Squad and ArmA 3 is the best mil-sim

  13. Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer says:

    Immersion is far better than realism

  14. call of duty modern warfare is the most realistic game ever

  15. Is six days in fallujah good or better then squad

  16. warzone and i like the first game from this video

  17. Bro I can’t even play call of beauty well how do you spec should I played that omg

  18. rainbow six trash is not a tactical game it's csgo 2 now

  19. Never even occured to me that rainbow six was a realistic shooter

  20. Go through the game without getting shot. Then you're winning…

  21. Have you ever been in the military and served in conflict? 'Realistic war game' can only be judged by squaddies/veterans.

  22. i think he have any personal hate for call of duty

  23. Every game has this one thing that isnt realistic:
    Everyone has one eye
    Istead of the sight being in the middle
    It should be a little to the sides because that is what it i slike in real life

  24. The main games are not there
    -Call of duty

  25. Me : Yes, download it plz, i rlly want play it
    My laptop : plz no, i will die if you download that


  27. I love ww3 but noone else plays it. has basically no community. beats the f**k out of cod.

  28. I want an extremely realistic shooter with extremely detailed graphics, and literally NO hud at all

  29. What is the most realistic war game you've played?

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