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Top 10 Best Tactical Shooter Video Games
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Forget rocket jumping, just stay calm & check your corners. These are the squad based, strategy focus, tactical shooters that are kickin’ in doors and flashing bangs…is that a thing? Whether you want Navy Seals, SWAT teams, Advanced Warfighters or just plain old Counter-Terrorists, we’ve got em all here. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Tactical Shooters.

00:26 #10. “Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30” (2005)
01:19 #9. “America’s Army Proving Grounds” (2013)
02:04 #8. “ARMA 2” (2009)
02:51 #7. “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter” (2006)
03:41 #6. “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” (2015)
04:26 #5. “Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising” (2009)
05:08 #4. “SOCOM 3” (2005)
05:48 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. CS GO is not tactical. Siege is only barely one. Examples of tactical shooters would be SWAT4, Squad, ArmA and BIA

  2. What is more tacticle? Counterstrike or insurgency?

  3. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is the best tactical shooter ever

  4. Well rising storm 2 should be on this list
    Yet i realised im 3 years late to this video

  5. Counter Strike TACTICAL? This is hard to believe

  6. R63 is great until your whole squad gets taken out by one guy hidden in a window.

  7. 1. R6 Rogue spear
    2. Ghost Recon (Original)
    3. R6 Raven Shield
    4. R6 Original
    5. R6S
    6. GRAW 1&2
    7. R6 Vegas 1&2
    8. SWAT 4
    9. CSGO
    10. Socom

  8. Not even a mention of Star Wars Republic Commando ? dislike

  9. R6 is tactical but tryhard ash mains makes it to the obj before the whole team

  10. Seige is more tactical but Csgo is a better game

  11. I'm sorry but sniper elite,ghost recon and battlefield 4 needs to be on this list •_•

  12. RS Siege, CS GO, Red Orchestra 2 = trash for ex COD players

  13. Top 10 Best Tactical Shooter Video Games: cs go… seriosly?

  14. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was one of the best games ive ever played in my life

  15. insurgency is a way better tactical shooter than csgo

  16. Yep Raven Shield was the best Rainbow Six. Now Rainbow Six is a red-cordial A.D.D hero shooter.

  17. Personally i adore TOM CLANCY'S – RAINBOW SIX 3 : RAVEN SHIELD with the high quality graphics powered by developpers

  18. csgo should be one. it is more tactical

  19. If Counter Strike is a tactical game…then a hot dog is a gourmet dish

  20. The left out post scriptum and hell let loose smh
    Nvm they made the video before it was made, but then how about squad

  21. Why I only see people saying about the graphics and gameplay of the R6S is good? The recoil logic is also great.

  22. Hmm i think the first Ghost Recon should belong on this list.

  23. Imo siege doesn't really deserve the tactical shooter badge anymore.

    Its just just a bloated overwatch-y mess

  24. It makes me happy that Socom is the first clip when talking about tactical shooters.

  25. I think future sodier of Tom Clansy is so good

  26. Siege went to shit. Now it’s all inclusive liberal colored hair female bullshit

  27. If you add mods to swat 4 (first responders being the best of the best), it's number 1 definitely

  28. my favorite to this day is HIDDEN&DANGEROUS2, SWAT3&4were great. Zero hour is modern

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