Top 10 free shooters you must play right now -

Top 10 free shooters you must play right now

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In this video you’ll find a list of the very best free shooters you must play right now. Well, we say ‘right now’, but maybe give the video a quick watch first. We’ve included the likes of CS: GO, Quake Champions, Ironsight, Planetside 2, Warframe, Black Squad, Paladins, and more. Only the best free FPS games available to play in 2019 make the cut.

As you’re about to discover, not all shooting games cost money. They’re even removing the barrier to entry on games like Quake. You’ll still need to pay to play Call Of Duty, but there are plenty of free games like COD on this list. Most of the top PC shooters are free on Steam, which means you don’t have to search far and wide to start enjoying them immediately. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which free videogames you’re into!

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  1. Cs go footage looked like it had wall hacks enabled which is a cheat


  3. these jokes and this commentary can be outclassed by a robot lmao

  4. Please tell me that this is a best to worst list, Apex is better than every other game on the list

  5. U made team fortress look by bad showing an expectation versus reality scene.

  6. this is the first time i sub to someone at the start of the first vid i see of them

  7. please never put apex in one of these videos, ever again

  8. woo woo, no Enlisted nor Heroes and Generals, those childish look games sucks!

  9. Can i hit 100k with NO intresting videos? says:

    i do not like multiplayer shooters until i saw hired ops..
    ohh that game is just my type

  10. The robot in apex legends with a smiley face is Marvin =) )

  11. "10 years of constant support"
    1000+ days without a major update

  12. i'd like to play planetside 2 rn but it's under m1intenance 😑

  13. Dammit, i really wish i'd player warframe but i cannot afford a new graphic card

  14. My respect because i don’t put fortnite 📈📈📈

  15. Needs an update since Enlisted was released. Black Squad is pretty fun though, if your not waiting forever for an open game.


  17. bro my pc cant run apex legend i play on ps4 waaaa!

  18. coming from a warframe verteran you do not have to pay anything in warframe its just alot of grinding and alot of repetition

  19. besides CS and WarFrame all the games are childlike with flshy colors and too much detail in technology

  20. When you realize some of them are pay to win, they are more of a Roblox shooting game

  21. this list is so bad fortnite isnt even on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Inaccurate list and these guys are annoying af

  23. on the last game the character is from gmod

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