Top 10: Shooting Games Of 2015 -

Top 10: Shooting Games Of 2015

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In this list of the Top 10 Shooting Games in 2015, TGN Partner Dean takes a look at 10 of the best shooting games 2015 has to offer. Agree? Disagree? Let us know which shooters you’re looking forward to playing or already are!

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  1. WTF evolve is in this list and in top 5. The hell TGN

  2. Planetside 2? pffft, Bitch please. It's been around for a few years already, but was just recently bought by that other studio/publisher from Sony Online Entertainment. I've been a member of the game since 2013

  3. There is just Plenty of Esports potential put together a an authentic experience

  4. -1 for top 10 shooting games but don't show while shooting

  5. Couple things about this vid:
    2.Overwatch is 2016 game
    3.Battlefront sucks!

  6. Battlefront should be number one,not that it's a good game but it STAR WARS the biggest movie saga in history anything Star Wars is awesome,even,sadly,Jar Jar Binks every SW fan would know this.

  7. ….how did evolve score higher than over watch?!

  8. Evolve Made It But The Division Didn't?! Mindblown…

  9. Fuck you. Splatoon should have been on this list.

  10. I stopped watching when they said black ops 3 was #7 this dude is a Halo fanboy

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