Top 10: Shooting Games Of 2015 -

Top 10: Shooting Games Of 2015

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In this list of the Top 10 Shooting Games in 2015, TGN Partner Dean takes a look at 10 of the best shooting games 2015 has to offer. Agree? Disagree? Let us know which shooters you’re looking forward to playing or already are!

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  1. 5 best shooter games of 2015.
    Planetside 2.
    Planetside 2.
    Planetside 2.
    Planetside 2.
    Planetside 2

  2. where the fuck is splatoon?
    you stupid bitch!
    I hate people in gaming like you!

  3. Anyone think that star wars battlefront should have been number 1 on the list

  4. Srsly… So many problems with this list
    1 I positive Fallout is an RPG
    2 Evolve is basically a glorified Juggernaut gamemode (which has been around for ages)
    3 considering he's a "Halofollower" he's biased
    4most of these games haven't been released yet
    5 why no Splatoon which has not doubt has been the most innovative shooter this year

  5. Deán abdou you put halo 5 in 3 position not because is good just because yoy like it that game is really shit

  6. Idk if I would really consider fallout 4 a Fps I mean it it's and all but It just isn't really a game I would consider a Fps

  7. Black ops 2 takes a fat shit on mw3 any day of the week

  8. SPLAATOON? ????????????????,??????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????

  9. How the hell do you make a top with games you haven't even completed?…bs, bs all the way

  10. Fallout New Vegas wasn't developed by Bethesda, but rather Obsidian. Get it right.

  11. Is star wars battlefront flying fixed yet would like to know

  12. This guy gay or what, either way i don't like his voice.

  13. Wtf? Fallout isn't a can make it one but that kinda limits the fun.

  14. Lets point out the wrongs of this video
    1st why do they call them shooting games not shooters
    2nd COD BO3 shouldn't be on this list
    3rd why is Evolve on this list it isn't a good shooter
    4th Fallout 4 is a RPG

  15. Where's my SPLATOON?! This guy is obviously not a kid not a squid!😥😤

  16. Should have taken out Evolve and added the new Doom again

  17. Oh god the retards from halo follower are infecting other channels

  18. I was done as soon as evolve popped up on the list

  19. you can't say that 9 of these will be good they have not even come out yet.

  20. I stopped watching when they said black ops 3 was #7 this dude is a Halo fanboy

  21. Fuck you. Splatoon should have been on this list.

  22. Evolve Made It But The Division Didn't?! Mindblown…

  23. ….how did evolve score higher than over watch?!

  24. Battlefront should be number one,not that it's a good game but it STAR WARS the biggest movie saga in history anything Star Wars is awesome,even,sadly,Jar Jar Binks every SW fan would know this.

  25. Couple things about this vid:
    2.Overwatch is 2016 game
    3.Battlefront sucks!

  26. -1 for top 10 shooting games but don't show while shooting

  27. There is just Plenty of Esports potential put together a an authentic experience

  28. Planetside 2? pffft, Bitch please. It's been around for a few years already, but was just recently bought by that other studio/publisher from Sony Online Entertainment. I've been a member of the game since 2013

  29. WTF evolve is in this list and in top 5. The hell TGN

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