Top 10: Shooting Games Of 2015 -

Top 10: Shooting Games Of 2015

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In this list of the Top 10 Shooting Games in 2015, TGN Partner Dean takes a look at 10 of the best shooting games 2015 has to offer. Agree? Disagree? Let us know which shooters you’re looking forward to playing or already are!

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  1. Evolve? Really? did no one tell this guy it's dead?

  2. Half this shit isn't even out yet, how can you say they're the best?

  3. If you want a good shooter get rid of automatics and abilities

  4. i feel like splatoon has taken a very unique idea for a shooter and has been so far incredibly fun and it has so much more on the way for players to enjoy

  5. Number 7… Seriously? Tgn is manipulated? I didn't know.

  6. Evolve is dead and done, COD is a tired series and the footage from E3 is more of the same, and the word of mouth from players at E3 is that Battlefront sadly sucks. Did you just google 2015 shooters and put down the first 10 things that popped up?

  7. Planetside 2 was released in 2012.  Splatoon is an amazingly fun game, and I thought it would be boring.  Overwatch is more MOBA than MMO. 

    While you have some good titles, you overlook games purely because they're either Nintendo or because they lack eSports, which is something you praise repeatedly like a broken record.  

    I prefer Dave, Moxness or Rurikan for these type of videos, as they're willing to look outside of their personal preferences.

  8. Halo deserves to be ahead of Star Wars Battlefront only on the grounds that EA is the head developer. EA means good but brings a seemingly good title down in flames. SWB:2 from way back would be a much better game. May as well go buy a copy of it instead. And also, Halo has been an incredible franchise and has a massive backstory and tons of lore to read and discover. It is definitely my number 1 awaited title this year. Not looking forward to another terrible EA title…

  9. E Sports Potential E Sports Potential E Sports Potential E Sports Potential

  10. Gunner Olsen-End is Near

    For anyone wondering what the name of the song was.

  11. I didn't have an xbox when fallout came out and I didn't bother buying 3 or new Vegas when I had the 360. Can someone tell me why are so many gamers hyped for fallout 4?

  12. The customization for armor and guns and grafics but I figured it was in 1st or 2nd place tho

  13. I disagree with are Planetside 2 since it was already on PC.

  14. Wow I did a top 5 shooters on my channel and it looks like a mouldy slice of cheese to a gourmet dinner

  15. You cant make a list without the games being out…?

  16. How do you make a top 10 shooters of 2015 list in the middle of 2015. Most of these games will have major game flaws that make the games unplayable like Destiny. Seriously Warframes a better shooter than Destiny and its free. I know my profile pictures from Warframe and that people will say I'm a fanboy, but Warframe is just simply the best bang for your buck the grind isn't nearly as bad as Destiny and that's seriously saying something cuz Warframe is 50% grinding. There aren't even any paywalls in Warframe its 100% free to play with the option to pay for weapons that you can just obtain through grinding, with new content, basically free dlc, coming out all the time.

  17. How can you do a top 10 on 2015 shooters when some of them aren't even out yet? If you're ranking games that are already out next to games that aren't, how are you supposed to make a top 10? Top 10 most hyped shooters? I'm sorry, but this is a dumb video.

  18. Dean is a part of HaloFollower! He's biased!

  19. This list… evolve at 4? Innovative yes but too repetitive and you NEED a full party to enjoy it (unless you're the monster). It's an okay game but 4?

  20. Please only games that have actually come out in 2015. I know planetside 2 came out just a few weeks ago for ps4 but it's been around for pc for a very long time.

  21. I'm sorry but Splatoon is the best shooter!

  22. Evolve at number 4? Glorified walking dlc simulator? What a joke

  23. I honestly didn't expect to see Fallout 4 here. It's more of an RPG with shooting mechanics, but still, glad to see it, I guess.

  24. Can anyone tell me if planetside 2 has gotten any better? I quit like a year ago because the only updates it got were constant cosmetics and nothing else. I still hate the game for that and the fact that most of the original devs left or were fired and it's been out for pc for over 2 years and what's this about COD 3 trying to win hearts back over with a new system than the other previous games…You fucking said Zombies, it's the same damn game but i am excited about Overwatch

  25. Evolve is the best game ever! So original, So Evolve,


  26. You can't rank games that you have not played. Sorry this is just not professional.

  27. My planet side 2 on ps4 when i start the match its only me like offline mode ? Any help please

  28. From TotalBiscuits' podcast I heard that Star Wars Battlefront is pretty damn bad

  29. After you play Planetside all other games seem small and insignificant .You cant compete with 1000 man battles.

  30. How can you possibly compare already released games to those that haven't been released yet?

  31. Halo 5 is going to be better than battlefront

  32. I lost most hope for Halo 5 when they announced the removal of split screen and the addition of microtransactions. Battlefront is also looks disappointing as it seems terribly smaller, and a clone of Battlefield.

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