Top 10 Shooting Moments at the Olympics | Top Moments -

Top 10 Shooting Moments at the Olympics | Top Moments

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Enjoy the Top 10 Shooting Moments of all time at the Summer Olympic Games! Who is your favorite Olympic shooter of all time? Let us know in the comments!

10) Barbara Engleder (GER) 🥇 in Rio 2016 (50m Rifle)
9) Hoang Xuan Vinh (VIE) 🥇in Rio 2016 (10m Air Pistol)
8) Nasser Al-Attiyah (QAT) 🥉in London 2012 (Skeet Shooting)
7) Ahmed Al-Maktoum (UAE) 🥇in Athens 2004 (Double Trap)
6) Virginia Trasher (USA) 🥇 in Rio 2016 (10m Air Rifle)
5) Leuris Pupo (CUB) 🥇 in London 2012 (25m Rapid Fire Pistol)
4) Vincent Hancock (USA) 🥇 in Beijing 2008 (Skeet Shooting)
3) Kim Rhode (USA) 🥇 in Atlanta 1996 (Double Trap)
2) Abhinav Bindra (IND) 🥇in Beijing 2008 (10m Air Rifle)
1) Jin Jong-Oh (KOR) 🥇 in Beijing 2008 (50m Pistol)

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  1. I bet no one can beat Nobita in shooting…😁

  2. Those guns look dumb but imagine the light recoil

  3. My son said he wanted to be one the first American to win at target shooting and bring the gold home to the United States. It made me cry because I Know it's going to be hard for him but I'm going to be in his corner. I say that because he's African American. He doesn't care about skin color but I know it's evil out here that will do any and everything in their power to stop his dreams from coming true

  4. People talking about UAE's first olympian but no one's talking about Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore who actually started the shooting revolution in India. He got a silver medal in the same event as Ahmed Al-Maktoum

  5. Breaking that kind of decorum with a weapon of any kind in your hand is not a good look.

  6. 3.17 holy s## that dude looked so gangster…

  7. Ngl the air rifle shooters look kinda lame. Love the stuff with live guns tho.

  8. Even olympics know to get more views attract Indians

  9. The long thursday superfamily sip because scraper nearly peck amid a waggish head. elastic, voiceless malaysia

  10. omg riveting! …

    cancel the olympics forever thanks

  11. Why is there a separation between men and women?

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