Top 10 WW2 Games of All Time -

Top 10 WW2 Games of All Time

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  1. You should try out Hearts of Iron 4, it is a ww2 grand strategy game that lets you take control of any country during ww2. (sadly not the pope but you can play as luxemburg) You can play it historically but you can also try to take over the world as communist Sweden. It is also one of the more popular strategy games nowadays. (about 30.000 players daily)

  2. Day of Defeat 1.3 and DoD:S were the most competitive WWII games ever, Easily #1.

  3. I didn't know world of tanks was made in 2011 I was born in 2011

  4. I’m not a big FPS guy but I always thought COD was the spiritual successor to MOH.. Props for mentioning IL-2.. It really feels like Valkyria Chronicles should count for WWII in some way too..

  5. There is only Call of duty world at war in this video cause it have the most hardest campaign to complete

  6. Call of Duty: United Offensive was my all time favourite. Followed closely by Return to Castle Wolfenstein

  7. Where call of duty WW2 at was a good game why is not top 10

  8. What happens when a nazi soldier walks in to a BAR

    He dosen’t walk back out

  9. HIDDEN AND DANGEROUS I-II /or the arma2 engined Iron front:liberation 1944

  10. Call of duty 2 fans, I see you crying a lot about your game. Don't cry! I am it's fan too! All men who like CALL OF DUTY2✯✯,YOU'LL GET WHAT YOU WANTED JUST UNITE TOGETHER! ✊

  11. im offended the nazi symbols are very offensive wa wa wa

  12. World at War should be at the top for being one of the most high quality games on this list but also just for how gridy and horrifying it’s shows all war to be.

  13. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    Commandos strike Force

  14. Bro look at the new game from call of duty WW2

  15. Its the best game in the world war 2 Call of duty wwII

  16. And let me just say world of warships legends on Xbox in PS4 look better and more realistic than on World of warships on PC and Mobile device.

  17. he did put battlefield 1942 in the list and not bfv lmaoooooo good choice

  18. Call of duty 1 and 2 is unique in the shooter games, they made you feel you are part of a bigger force, not going John Rambo like most of the shooters before.

  19. War Thunder so hard to uninstall that i would rather have an virus on my pc then that crap game. And seriously no Hidden and Dangerous 1 and 2? What a laughable list.

  20. Awesome list! Especially since you placed BF1942 at the top. My favorite game of all time and I still play it today.

  21. Tripwire exactly the creator of the Godzilla trilogy the games are Godzilla destroy All monsters save the Earth and Godzilla unleashed

  22. Where is Call of duty world war 2

  23. In my opinion I would choose company of heroes 2 over the original for the fact that it has more factions and 2 massive campaigns. It also still has a strong modding community but thats just my opinion and I would love to know the reasons you choose coh1 over coh2.

  24. You want to know what I think? Boomer has been Incapacitated and can no longer translate enemy conversations.

  25. There was a ww2 roblox map I played when I was younger, I’m pretty offended that it’s not on here.

  26. What thoughts are in my mind now: good games are made nowadays, LEGENDARY games were made in the past.

  27. World war heroes is 1 of my favourite games

  28. 8:15 i played it. It is very fun game and it is little bit scary.

  29. Day of defeat looks like the call of duty mobile game as an actual resembles to it.//

  30. Lol the fact that day of infamy isn’t mentioned here smh

  31. can someone find the mobile game that was ww2 it was on ios i played it alot cant find it anymoire it had band of brothers or brothers in arms in it i think ea was involved maybe
    i remember there was a campaign mode and then a multiplayermode

  32. Brother in arms kind of looks like Medal of Honor vanguard

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