Top 25 Best VR Shooting Games For Oculus Quest 2 -

Top 25 Best VR Shooting Games For Oculus Quest 2

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These are the best VR shooting games that you can play on your Oculus Quest 2 right now.

The GAMES are down here!

0:00​ – Introduction

0:33​ – Best Online Games Oculus Quest 2

Population One
Grapple Tournament: Coming Soon
Dead and Buried 2
Hyper Dash

3:56 – Best Story Games Oculus Quest 2

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge
Sniper Elite VR
Doom 3
Arizona Sunshine

5:53 – Best Rhythm Games Oculus Quest 2

Pistol Whip

6:45 – Best Wave Based Games Oculus Quest 2

Space Pirate Trainer
Shooty Fruity
Robo Recall: Unplugged
Drop Dead: Dual Strike

8:59 – Best Archery Games Oculus Quest 2

In Death: Unchained
Elven Assassin
Apex Construct

10:02 – Best Stealth Games Oculus Quest 2

Phantom: Covert Ops
Espire 1: VR

11:02 – Honorable Mentions

Shooty Skies Overdrive
Rec Room Paintball
Gun Club VR
Death Horizon: Reloaded

11:11 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Do games bought on the quest one work on the second one?

  2. Great list but I personally miss some shooting range type games


    I opened this video to watch, immediately hit elbow. First world prollems lol

  4. So you basically just showing every shooting game that is on quest and quest link?

  5. Pavlov is on quest?? Can’t find it in the store

  6. He sound just Dutch accent am I the only one that hears it maybe because I’m half Dutch

  7. Ill wait till VR graphics reach todays console graphics.. Whats he playing in? A 360?

  8. Have any of y’all eyes hurt when you play?

  9. Mine will be here tomorrow I'm just killing myself inside with this channel

  10. Wait but I searched up Pavlov on the oculus quest 2 store and it isn’t there?

  11. When does sniper elite vr get released

  12. For everyone asking about Pavlov, you can either buy it on Steam and launch the game via SteamVR on the Oculus Link, or sideload it through an application called SideQuest.
    Both require you to be connected to your PC though, you cannot play Pavlov standalone on the Quest 2.
    There are wireless solutions to streaming, like Virtual Desktop (paid) or ALVR, but personally I recommend just staying plugged in.
    The battery life SUCKS without a battery pack.

  13. A fair few of these games require a PC, I wish it was just a list for the Quest 2 only, as thats the only reason I clicked on this video, I dont have a PC.

  14. I love my Quest 2. I love the fact it’s non wired. So fun to play where ever. But also you can connect the PC and BOOM! upscaled games. Great buy got £300

  15. Except you can't play Sniper Elite VR on the Oculus Quest 2 yet… it's not available on the Oculus Store or Steam.

  16. The graphics are not as good with quest 2,as in this vid

  17. I checked out that sniper elite game but it says coming soon. Is it not available?

  18. Just got my first vr headset the quest two thank you do much for making this for everyone!!!!!

  19. Too bad that sniper elite VR isn’t out still 😒

  20. That storm trooper was on the cover of the og starwars bf cover

  21. worst oart there was a 25% off any game with q code and it didn't work for me whe buying Robo Recall :(((

  22. Sniper elite and pistol whip look awesome

  23. The fact that he has a big daddy in the back makes him the best YouTuber

  24. Lmfao why the fuck is the thumbnail battlefront 1 classic?

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