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I compiled MY list of favorite Roblox Shooting Games for 2020 SO FAR! More Shooters are coming this year so I plan on making a Part II of my Top 20 later in the year.

Discover many Roblox Shooters that are in my rotation, and why I dig them. Enjoy the vid and please share! If we can reach 100 likes I’ll post a Roblox gift card code in the comments in celebration.


Bad Business:


Phantom Forces:

Impulse Remastered:

Big Paintball:

Counter Blox:

Island Royale:


Project Lazarus:

Those Who Remain:


Bullet Hell:

Super Doomspire:

Typical Colors 2:

Wild Revolvers:

Ragdoll Mayhem!:

Zombie Rush:

Redshift Arena: RELOADED:

Ruddev’s Battle Royale:

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  1. Thanks for this vid i found the game i played along time ago thanks😀

  2. Kent from Philippines🇵🇭: my account is Kent1729 i like Arsenal and Phantom Forces

  3. i like when you aim at bad business

  4. Do you know darkviperau you have the same name lol

  5. i play arsenal and bad buisness suprisingly its on the top two

  6. Thanks a lot for bringing up wild revolvers I used to play it a lot

  7. thanks for recommending me Ragdoll Mayhem, seems like it was the closest thing "Max Payne" type game Roblox has to offer

  8. Man I just want Apocalypse Rising 2 to get the love and credit it deserves. Very high quality and strategic shooter and debatable that it's better than the original.

  9. is super doomspire a rip off or the same creator made it?

  10. Bruh, these arent fps games these are just shooter games

  11. Try a WW1 game called Entrenched it's still in alpha but it's amazing.

  12. infection is one of mty favorite games but its discontinued

  13. man liked for including typical colors 2

  14. I quit Bad business for phantom forces and arsenal

  15. everyone knew phantom forces and arsenal was part of this but im looking for a good new game and maybe i came to the right place

  16. I really like strucid but i think you should try to add deathzone

  17. sadly, but bullet hell isnt that alive that it was before…

  18. We're we have to redeem code and we're

  19. u forgot deadline?????????????????????????????

  20. We reached 100 likes and I promised a code. Here you go, please comment if you redeem it. 9344498999

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