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Ultimate Gun Game

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Gun v Gun v Gun v Gun!
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Huge thanks to Hollywood Sports Park for letting us film there!

We used a FeiyuTech WG (wearable gimbal) to film this! They’re awesome!



  2. 1:45 one the best guns in games. A chain saw and a rifle at same time?! Yes!!!!!😍

  3. Meanwhile 10 year olds: what game is this

  4. What kind of helmet was Sam wearing?

  5. Nobody:

    Corridor: Grabs master sword easily and doesn't give a crap,


  6. Last weapon should of been a crowbar. Gordon Freeman demands it.

  7. I can't help but imagine if this was a real game, the weapons would have a unique description for them relative to their games.
    MA5B: Standard issue for Marines, ODSTs and even Spartans, the MA5B features a 60 round magazine and both a digital ammo counter and compass. Pressing alt-fire performs a melee attack.
    DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol: A favorite among Alliance-aligned smugglers, the DL-44 is easily concealable for quick draws in seedy places. Hold alt-fire to charge up a powerful blast.
    Mega Buster: An arm cannon that fires compressed solar energy, allowing up to three uncharged shots in flight before needing a brief recharge. Hold primary fire to charge up a powerful blast.
    Diamond Sword: Hardened diamonds give this weapon both incredible durability and a deadly cutting edge. Wait until the weapon is raised to perform a sweeping attack or attack while falling to perform a critical strike.
    Sasha: Custom built by a mercenary with a Phd. in Russian Literature, this behemoth fires $200 custom-tooled cartridges at a blistering 10,000 RPM. Hold alt-fire to rev up the cylinders.
    Aperature Science Handheld Portal Device: A tool created from a military contract for shower curtains, this quantum tunneling device can create two linked portals with the fire and alt-fire buttons.
    Lancer Assault Rifle: Improvisation to the extreme, use alt-fire to rev up the attached chainsaw bayonet.
    Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle: Dark Energy Pulse Plugs provide thirty shots of destructive power before needing to be swapped. Press alt-fire to launch a Dark Matter core that disintegrates targets.
    Master Sword: Master using it and you can have this. Hold the fire button to prepare a whirling spin attack.
    Fireflower: Launch blazing hot fireballs that bounce along the ground. Only two fireballs may be active at one time.
    Lightsaber: Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, this blade of pure energy can cut down most foes in one strike. You can chain swings together based on which direction you are moving and you can change your combat stance between Fast, Medium, and Strong.
    Energy Sword: Both an ornamental and military weapon for generations of the Sangheli. Use alt-fire to perform a deadly lunging attack.

  8. imagine how many lawsuits you'd get trying to make this game, or if you actually got the licenses for all this, how much it'd cost

  9. 2:19 Are you really telling me this guy killed someone with a SPOON?!

  10. Fun how only 9 of the weapons were actually guns, 10 if you count the power buster

  11. Ok but can someone make this an actual game

  12. Was the shotgun from doom because if not why isnt there a doom weapon

  13. What game is this? I really like the graphics, it's insane how far graphics in a game go.

  14. In india brother is called bhai and u people are my bhai

  15. Stand and crouch multiple time is the best celebration

  16. this should be a game! you get to reload 3 times and at the third time you randomly get a new weapon and you can give players like option to roll for weapons as pickable powerups!

  17. Did you miss the old 23 years old half life game mhm?

  18. Inklings (with splat rollers):Wait. They aren't any Splatoon weapons in this amazing video that everyone watched?
    Octolings (with their splattershots on inklings' heads): Never were they.

  19. If only they added a glowing energy sword effect to gonalong with the lightsaber

  20. There's need to be a sequel to this if Corridor make a Ultimate Gun Game 2 please add the Crucible Blade, the Super Shotgun, and the Unmaykr from Doom Eternal

  21. My PC be like: i don't exist man

  22. Jake looking like the worst timeline version of Elite Crew. I dig it.

  23. He was using the comically large spoon before it was cool

  24. i wouldve loved this when i was little in 2015

  25. wait was that the pulse rifle reload sound from hl2?

  26. Best part is the dance at the end YOU GUYS NAILED IT!

  27. Can we talk about how they predicted splitgate

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