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Wii On-Rail Light Gun Shooter Games

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The Nintendo Wii had a ton of great On-Rail Light Gun games for the console, both original and arcade ports. I show you some of my favorites from the collection!

Games Shown:
Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Ghost Squad
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack
Dead Space Extraction
House of the Dead Overkill


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  1. Ghost Recon on Wii is amazing and is a amazing rail shooter. Teu If you can with a partner.

  2. Fuck those graphics look crap when compared to ps3 and 360…
    Why Nintendo thought the HD was not a way to go is beyond me…
    I never really understood why wii was so big seller, (for Nintendo standards i mean, ever since ps1 the playstation has sold more consoles than Nintendo i think…) it has one of the worst controller ever. I think that wii u was much better and yet that one flopped. Maybe wii sold good because it has these motion gimmicks and games that reguire little learning and are quick to play, suitable for young kids and elderly people. Lot of grandparents probaply went for wii rather than ps3 when buying console for their grandkids to play with them when they visit their house.

  3. I only want carnevil, I miss that dam game.

  4. One I haven't really seen much of, but definitely a hidden gem is Martian Panic. While it's not graphically impressive, I played a lot of when I had my wii and I definitely had a lot of fun with it.

  5. 10:29

    There's also a PC port as well as a typing of the dead edition, which has mod support

  6. How much is a quarter in us to English money? I remember playing this in Blackpool for £1 a go.

  7. Western heroes seems okay itsca Western rail shooter

  8. I have them all :O Does this makes me an On-Rail Light Gun Shooter people person? :O

  9. Hi there, do you have a similar list with games specifically made for the Wii U? Thanks!

  10. awww man you missed starblade(it is a japan exclusive game)

  11. Thanks, Recently got myself a Wii. then I wanted a gun for it. Today I found the Star Wars blaster gun and got it, now I need some games. I have just bought 3 of these games thanks to your vid 😀 ty

  12. Even though their cheap I’m still not buying it

  13. What happen to the house of the dead 2&3 return??

  14. Love the Wii for its peripherals and its become more popular to collect for because of that reason. A little side note Resident Evil Dark Chronicles is a continuation for Umbrella Chronicles not sure if the Playstation version is both. It may just be the Dark Chronicles version.

  15. Do these use an actual light gun or the Wii morte?

  16. 9-15-19 Bought Ghost Squad CIB at Gamestop for 2.91$ Loving It!

  17. Conduit 2 is worth trying. Voiced by Duke Nuke Em actor..

  18. I like Metal Jesus.. I also think he would do a mad Kermit the Frog voice

  19. Dead Space Extraction is awesome light rail game, especially if you are a fan of Dead Space.

  20. So far, everythin Dead Space I've tried has been the shit. Extraction is awesome.

  21. "Look at those graphics!" Dude, she's stuck there impaled…

  22. Finally diving in for the first time on Wii light gun shooters. First place I go for advice and ideas, Metal Jesus!

  23. They never gave us that Terminator shooter though,so sad

  24. Ugh. That comment about umbrella chronicles really annoys me. Dark side chronicles was a wii game and a sequel to umbrella. Looks and plays much better too

  25. Link from Zelda had a crossbows light gun shooter. It's called Link Crossbow training.

  26. i dont remember the name but you play as two swat team guys? I think one guy is colored orange and the other guy is colored blue. And its not deadspace

  27. bro farcry vengeance is just a controlable rail shooter

  28. The bounty hunter games were great in the arcade. It was a draw game. You couldn't pull the gun out until it was time to draw.

  29. Just bought dead space extraction again in 2020 and play it on the wii u. This game was just great.

  30. Ghost squad is just like time crisis for ps2 .

  31. I don't like on-rail gun shooting games on Wii. The console is too underpowered to handle the game and keep a good frame rate. I configured my Wiimote to use it in Lightgun games with the Mame emulator on my PC. On Mame, the aim responds much faster. On Wii, it's slugish and undermines your fun (and precision). I rather play Lethal Enforcers on PC, than Umbrella Chronicles on Wii.

  32. It's a real shame the graphics for LA Machineguns are so dark. I thought it was a quirk of my component -> HDMI converter when I was playing earlier. I bought the game a couple of years back on your recommendation but had never got around to playing it – as you say, it's great fun – so I came back for a look at your video. Sure enough the graphics are dark here too. Weird. They're absolutely fine for Gunblade NY.

  33. Can u play these shooting games without having to play with ppl online? I want to find a good shooting game that doesn’t require wifi or online other ppl online.. i want to play by myself.

  34. I recently found a gun gadget for the wii i highly recomend you order one it feels like you have an arcade at your house. Really cool.

  35. These games are why the gun wii remote holder exists

  36. Thanks I bought Ghost squad the other day. Hope to receive it tomorrow.

  37. I love ghost squad, looking for others like it now cos it's so fun

  38. Hi metal jesus..I just got target terror for the wii.. AWESOME POSSUM..have you ever seen and played this light rail shooter..get it please.. metal jesus rocks👍😎

  39. Just spent way too much money buying the resident evil bundle with a magnum/knife adapter as well as the gun with the gunstock. Can’t wait to blast through these and all 3 house of the dead games.

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