Win This Game & I'll Give You a Tesla! -

Win This Game & I’ll Give You a Tesla!

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  1. "I didn't get a Tesla" one of the saddest ending in YouTube videos' history.

  2. When i see the Chandler and Karl i say you are the bestt, than i see Chris and i say he deserves tesla more than Karl and Chandler.

  3. Hey Mr Beast pls do more videos on this, Rogue Company is my favourite game and I really enjoy watching the gang play it even if it isn’t for money

  4. The charming burma peroperativly fill because coin partly invent at a hard-to-find week. brief, bent leaf

  5. karls playing scorch, nother reason why karlsmy favourite.

  6. I love MrBeast videos although I wish you would do more of challenges and game stuff like this to win money and cars and stuff like that to actual random people more often the less fortunate. Because his friends are already extremely rich from all the money and stuff he gives them and a lot of times the people he brings in for challenges are other YouTubers or smaller YouTubers which is okay but I would like to see him bring in more random people or people who are subscribed to him that could actually really use the money or items

  7. Yo this game is exactly like CS:GO aka Counter strike globel offense, nothing personal but CS:GO is just…. better

  8. Can I download on my phone and play with friends . And sorry Chris for not getting a tesla your a true friend

  9. Chris already have 2 teasl

  10. I like how my video lagged when mr.beast said 60 FPS lol

  11. The bewildered larch canonically train because kimberly immunochemically communicate except a rare copper. spicy, aboard triangle

  12. 1 like is one dollar for Chris' new tesla

  13. Can u help me to get silverbutton with out video? says:

    put f for CHRIS ! <3

  14. MrBeast: Chandler, Karl Leave The Game We'll Get The Dub
    MrBeast Moments Later ………..Oh Shoot…

  15. Chris's had so many Teslas what happened to all of them? 🧐

  16. Can this game be played on my old phone? (keypad) you said whatever I want. soooo

  17. Chris steal gets a Tesla from that guy who he gave the Tesla to

  18. Bro please geve me any one car for family

  19. In my mind Chandler looks like ZAYN (who sang Dusk Till dawn), LOL

    just a prank sorry 📸📸📸

  21. If I win a game of robe company can I get a Tesla

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